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The White Blossom(Poem)

Published December 27, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This is a ‘disturbing’ and ‘disquieting’ poem about a young girl mourning the lost of her friend. I’ve got the inspration from the CLAMP graphic novel CLOVER.

Please don’t be alarmed by the mood of the poem. It’s just for entertainment purposes only.

Is it true?

That the Queen with the angelic voice

is no longer around?

Although I’ll never get the chance to meet the White Blossom,

I’ll always cherish her voice over my radio.

I’ll think of her as I leave this tragic world.

For there can be no other white blossom

with a voice of gold

that can take her place in my heart.

Please place her ashes under the cherry tree,

and by moonlight’s fall,

let the blossoms become red.

Let me be buried beside my friend

for now,

I’ll think about the good times we had together,

in the songs I sing.

For Teena Marie

Stay tuned!

Another Christmas day over!

Published December 25, 2010 by ladyserenity92

 I was luck to seek Maya’s website on I want to thank Ms. Maya of “Mayawrites” that her  topics on free writing are excellent. They often advice on how to get a lot of response  in my topics. I really want to thank Maya very much.

btw.(By the way) 

The themes of  my blog  are known as ‘free writing’ or ‘variety’ blogging. It’s really splendid that I don’t have to write everyday; the thing is where I can find something that interest me, I write about  it. I want to get my hands dirty and experience what the public of bloggers like. And I have to be respectful. I remember Jin ‘chastising’ me about South Korean singer/actor Rain. I still remember that. And about Yu Kona’s now infamous(I should’ve done my homework. I was a rock-head.) This is what happens when you go into a cultural conflict.

Both young men have since forgiven me.

btmfa(Bowing to my fans’ apology)

As Christmas day comes to an end, and I begin penning down my New Years resolution for 2011; I think about the good times, the bad times and the down-right ugly times. It was on YouTube that a rare gift was shown to the world. A sign of hope!

Double Rainbow.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!

Stay tuned!

Top 5 about “nothing

Published December 24, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This list is just a small list. A list about “nothing”.

  1. cute cookie
  2. cute cookie cartoons
  3.  cookies are cute
  4. cute cookie aren’t evil olives
  5. cute cookie pictures of ‘Sakura Kinomoto & Tomoyo'(Madison Taylor)

Anything’s possible in 2011! —- Puffy Ami & Yumi.

Stay tuned!

The right place! At an unannounced time!

Published December 23, 2010 by ladyserenity92


I think you came for a reason.

You visited my website, so here i am!

I am trying to find things to improve my website!

Is it ok if I use some of the things I saw here on your post?

Could you loan me your words of wisdom?


a little ‘poke’ cash?

Ask me why you came to the Wiz’s blog page.

I can always help.

But for now, I’m resting and having a good day.

Come back tomorrow.

Don’t ask me today

Don’t ask me how

don’t ask me why.

Today is not your soup day!

Now, leave me alone.

Stay tuned!

Message from “Salon la’ Rouge”

Published December 22, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This is a ‘sweet’ beauty tip that is sure to make your hands slily smooth and soft. Don’t take my word for it!

If you have dry hands or want to pamper yourself for half the price, all you need is a bottle of your favorite skin lotion and 2 or three pairs of disposable(or non-latext  for those that are skin-sensitive) plastic gloves. Any size pair of your choice that can fit over your hands. Since my hands are `medium-sized`, I use medium-sized plastic gloves.

Take one of the disposable `gloves` and apply an amount inside one of the `fingers` of the glove. Be careful on how much lotion you want to use.
After you placed the lotion inside the finger of the glove, slide on the lotion-filled glove on your hand and mashed the outside of your finger to make the lotion cover your entire hand from the inside.

Repeat with the second glove.

*For best results, leave the gloves on for 30 min. — to an hour. After your time has expired, remove the gloves and (gently) remove the lotion off with a towel from your hands.

Now I want to give you an `extra` tip.

I normally do this `process’ twice a day, everyday! I do this for about a week. In a week, you`ll see an improvement on your hands! Before bedtime, do this `tip` and in the morning you`ll have silky, soft hands!

I hope you guys and gals try this for yourselves. Tell me how it went. Drop me a ‘line’ via post!

Happy Holidays! Stay tuned!


Cookies aren’t just for computers!

Published December 21, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Cute cookie

Cute cookie picture

Cute cookie pictures

Cute cookie cartoons

Cute cookie anime

Cookie mangas

Cookie graphic novels

Cookie cookbooks

It’s the last month of gluttony. Why do I have the strangest urge for a cookies?

Oh, Santa’s behind it!

Only 4 days ’til Christmas!

Stay tuned!

Keep those donations pouring in!


There are times that….

Published December 20, 2010 by ladyserenity92

There are times that I don’t read more blogs or read more than two books per week.

There are days when I only get lines  from a few people who are mild nor chastising. (See Jin’s response on “Is Rain ready for Hollywood?”)

But I think that you cyberellas and cyberfellas out there can help me add some more value to make my blog lively.

I like to take risk. 

I like to get my hands dirty like Lady Gaga.

The year is almost coming to an end.

I know that I had been slow these past six months,

but this is a freshmen blog.

Please send in donations to my PayPal account.

Keep this post alive for future bloggers!

Cheers! Happy Christmas!


Stay tuned!

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