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The weekend off!

Published November 15, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I had to take the weekend off to reflect on the tragic news that just broke me on the inside.

Zahara Baker has been found dead, the police report announced Saturday.

On a day that Zahara would’ve been 11-years old,

people and strangers are now in morning that Zahara’s remains have been found.

I wonder as an adult, what the 10-year old-young woman went through during the  last moments of her life.

Now both her stepmother and birth father will now be charged with their daughter’s murder.

So sad.

Zahara’s birth mother now regrets letting go of her only child.

It’s too late for Zahara and the other young people whose lives were cut short and childhoods stolen.

But we must hold the little ones tight in our arms and love them as much as we can.

Adults and kids alike,

Tell someone that you love them today.

For they may be gone tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

For Zahara Baker(2000-2010)

“The Unoffical” Hunger Games “Theme song”

Published November 12, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I was so “enticed” with the trilogy, that I had to find a ‘hit’ for Katniss Everdeen with her bow and arrows!

Here’s the song “poison Arrow”!

And if your thinking that Hollywood will bring this series onto the screen….

I doubt it!

Same with Battle Royale!

I’ll tell you why next time.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy the song!

This blog nor the song is in any way associated with The Hunger Games series.

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