Bullycide has grabbed another victim

Published October 4, 2010 by ladyserenity92

18-year old Tyler Clementi was a ‘music sorcerer’ with his violin. As a shy butterfly, Tyler hoped to become a part of a world where his talent as a violinist would be embraced by all who heard his ‘gift’.

It was at that moment that at university, he fell deeply in love with someone who loved him for his heart. A few days later, the romance was consummated.

What was to be an awakening of one man’s hidden love turned out to be a tragic tale.

What Tyler didn’t know was that two of his classmates(one his own roommate) had secretly viewed the whole lovemaking act via webcam. The video was posted throughout the internet. For 18-year old Tyler, he couldn’t escape the taunting and gay bashing from his university.

On Wednesday night, Tyler crossed the George Washington bridge and leapt to his death in the Hudson river.

 So many innocent children and adults are ending their lives from bullycide. How many more good people must die before we as a nation and as a world can put a stop to the bullying?

I hope these two songs will find a way.

For Tyler Clementi: 1992-2010

Stay tuned!


2 comments on “Bullycide has grabbed another victim

  • I wanted to thank you on behave of all victims of bullycide. My 17 year son was a victim 2 years ago, and we continue to grieve and work tirelessly on Anti-Bullying legislation in California. As a nation we are dying from the inside out each time we loose a child to this sort of death.


    • It’s such a shame that Bullycide effects everyone. It is also the adults that are the victims of bullycide. I’m always findind ways to give a voice to those who do not have a voice of their own. Thanks to you, angel mother!

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