Fairytale Kingdom

Published August 8, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I wish that we all could live in a fairytale kingdom.

Just like the super-rich.

A super-sized olympic swimming pool.

A fully stocked refrigerator with all of the fanciest confectionaries in the world.

Food served on the finest plates of china.

A large bank account.

If only that were possible….

Even in the most golden palaces in the world,

even the most super-wealthy and the highly educated. Not to mention anyone who are the most skilled are the ones that are the most unhappy.

They drink in excess, they do drugs; beat up their families; in their dark despair, they turn to the dark side or to suicide.

Most of the people who are happy are the ones that have something much more than gold.

What do you have that makes you happy!

An old teddy bear?

A day out with a “VIP” in your life?

Look around your “Fairytale Kingdom”.

It may not be Buckingham Palace nor is it the Imperial Palace.

A real “Fairytale Kingdom” is something that makes you the most happy.

If you want it to be.

Just read all of my post from past to present at the most useless to the most joyful that is my real “Fairytale Kingdom.”

What’s your kingdom?

Stay tuned!


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