Re: Cookies

Published July 23, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Out of all the post that I’ve posted on my blog, the number 1 most popular search that was viewed the most was:


I didn’t know that two pictures of  a “Sweet & innocent” cookie being eaten was the most viewed. In this era, more people in the world are now chosing to make do by being creative with their small pocket-money.

Even having to go to website to find recipes for homemade cookies.

There are computer cookies.

And there’s the Cookie Monster.

There are other foods and drinks that you can make besides cookies.

On my blog roll, I do have a few links that will take you to sites that have everything at your advance to build up your ‘culenatry’ skill.

Kitchen Princess

Iron Chef America

Soul Food


The Last Supper

Hell’s Kitchen

God, I miss cooking.

I can’t wait until the day when I step into the kitchen and bake a rainbow cake just for someone I love.

Stay tuned!


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