Heart to Heart

Published July 16, 2010 by ladyserenity92

News, Smoowes!

I’m just about had it with the ‘bulljazz’ that I couldn’t care less about. Like Mel Gibson fliping-spit out at his girlfriend. I’m telling you, Mel is dying! No one wants him in their zip-code anymore.

There was an earthquake in Washington, DC today.

And you have the BP oil mess that ‘hopfully’ has ended. Now Dr. Michiko Kaku has told us that the cap isn’t going to work.

I just can’t stand all of the junk that news and television has to offer. Even in the summer. I had a feminist teacher who just hated the news all together. (And did I mention that she was a strong, independent Black woman?) Sure, it’s okay to get involve in the media; but just in little doses. Use a ‘Menu’ selection. I missed out on so much; even blogging. 😦


It was two days ago that a ‘fan’ told me that after reading a post A Secret about the Secret the young woman told me that she recently brought a copy of the book online. I was first introduced to Amazon.com via the now defunct PepsiRewards.com. Now that I have PayPal, I can go shopping for stuff that I thought I would never find. Plus, Instead of coming home empty-handed, I can just wait for the post-master to bring my packet by my door.

“A First Cousin can sometimes be your first love”

After a brief exile, author Elizabeth Hand has come out with a deeply controversial, and very sexy young adult novel. The book is called Illyria. Illyria is an urban-romantic/fantasy that many fans of anime and manga-style shojo romances might like. The story has two 14-first cousins discovering an old puppet set after making love to each other. I’ve haven’t got the chance to read the book, either is it in my local library. Once I get a hold of it, I’ll send a post whether I like it or not. I’ll keep you posted.

Just comes to show, with limited options, going into MacGayver-mode can sometimes be the best thing that can save your life!

Stay Tuned!

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