Saturday at the movies! (And for free!)

Published July 11, 2010 by ladyserenity92

On Saturday, I decided to go to the movies at the local AMC movie theater. The first thing I brought with me was a free movie pass in part of  My I chose the movie that I wanted to see was the coming of age sleeper remake The Karate Kid with Jaden Smith and a nearly unrecognizable Jackie Chan. At the ticket booth, I passed the casherie my movie pass; along with my Movie Watcher savings card.

To my surprise, I was given not only my ‘free’ movie ticket, I was also awarded a free small bag of popcorn. Not only I got a free bag of popcorn, I was given a free large soda thanks to

And the most wonderful thing about it…. I didn’t have to pay for anything! It was all free and legal!

Over the years, I’ve gotten free stuff and items that were half-price. You guys might think that this is just a ‘joke’. It’s not! In the era of the recession and many people(including Scorge McDuck) are pinching pennies just to survive another day.

Since we are in the days of uncertainty, I decided to place a new category “The language of money”. This Category gives advice about saving money, making wise choices in spending; all of tips and advises are from people real, fictitious; famous and infamous. They all had some good(and) bad advice about what to do with money.

I too have some advices about saving ‘pennies’ for a rainy day! And don’t worry, I’ll even share some of my ‘money’ tips to keep your piggy banks full!

Here’s to three years!

Stay Tuned!


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