See you on Facebook or MySpace?

Published May 19, 2010 by ladyserenity92

As I face many changes in the final days of May 2010 and the Summer of 2010 is  creeping up, I have recently told some of my old friends and sensei'(teachers) that I would see them on MySpace. Since I am painfully shy and don’t have many friends, I had hoped to have two profile pages. MySpace was one blog that I wanted just for family and friends. At the tail side of the coin, I wanted to make a Facebook page for you guys and gals about my blog.

Then there’s a ‘new’ email address that I want to give to my family and friends(plus, I need a new email address for ‘job’ finding purposes.)
It was to be a google email.
Now, I’m in a lot of trouble and just plain stuck.
With so many people making an exodus out of Facebook on May 31st due to its cheap-shot deceptions, Google in hot water once again for being like ‘Big Brother’ to its visitors; and MySpace is just as cold as Sub-Zero at a kids’ birthday party.

Oh my star cards! I’m in a tight tug of war.

Sorry, gang! Many people nowadays want people who are like cyberellas and cyberfellas to join into their esoteric circle.

Paper and pen writers or typewriter typist need not apply.

Stay tuned!

This commitray is for entrainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed on this post do not reflect on, nor the blogist herself.


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