The Place where my “Blog” was born!

Published April 24, 2010 by ladyserenity92

It was on July 2, 2008 I took a blogging class. It was a free computer class that I signed up for. In the computer class, there were a lot of  faces of people from all walks of the town. Some were young kids; others were adults. The ‘faces’ in the computer class had many different reasons on why they wanted to take the blogging class. The instructor  told us that at the end of the class we would get a ‘free gift’ for participating.

In the blogging class , we all had a reason why we wanted a weblog. Some of us wanted to blog as a hobby, a few of us wanted to have one  for  fame; a few other people wanted to contact their long-lost relatives. Me… I guess you could say my ‘friends and teachers’ forced me into it.

Our instructor (with a huge knowledge of computers) showed us how to work a blog. Long before I got this ‘blog’, I went to a bookstore in the same building where the ‘class’ took place and took a lot of books on blogging. (The books were free with a ‘card’.) 😉

After what seemed like a 3-hour session(it was dark and almost closing time), the instructor shocked us at what our ‘free gift’ was. It was our own blog. It has been two years since I visited my city library for the blogging class. The staff have become my friends. In the library, you become a celebrity.

I’m now sitting at the library’s public computer, which is closing its doors. Forever.

All over America, so many wonderful libraries are forcing to close their doors because of the budget crises. The Public libraries in North Carolina(Including Charlotte) are cutting back free programs and hours. It’s a crying shame, but it’s true.

The library was where I met my friends, dabbled into the bibliophile scene, and where I got my first blog.

The library means everything to people young and old; rich and poor. It’s the place where people come together to study, to surf the internet; it the library closes, then its everyone’s lost.

Where ever you are, in the Queen City, in Chi Town; the Big Easy or the East/West coast, please support your local library anyway you can. Libraries are what make people free. It we lost the place that matters to the community all over, we have lost a place that makes us free.

Stay Tuned!

Please Donate to the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg or other libraries in your state or area today!

Go to

Every gift counts! Here are some web addresses that you can contact if you live in Mecklenburg County!


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