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Tip Line

Published April 29, 2010 by ladyserenity92

‘Music is not a recreation for the elite, but a source of spiritual strength [that] all cultured people should endeavor to turn into public property.’ —- Zolt’an Koda’aly, Hungarian music teacher/composer(1882-1967)

‘Every time I open a newspaper, I am reminded that we live in a world where we can no longer afford to know our neighbors. The ‘Silk Road Project’ is a musical way to get to know your neighbors.’ —- Yo-Yo Ma, American Cellist and ambassador of music.

“Save the music! Keep music and radio free for everyone!”

Stay Tuned!

This is a ‘video’ about the power of ‘free’ music!

Tip Line

Published April 28, 2010 by ladyserenity92

‘I think it’s important to have a good hard failure when you’re young. — Walt(Elias) Disney, American Cartoonist, (1901-1966)

Either though Walt Disney was a racist/sexist/homophobic bastard, this was the only good advice that I found from him. And he did made some of the most memorable works and a theme park. Many years after his death, the company he ‘imfromously’ bulited has made a change of heart and walked away from the shameful legacy made by Disney.

Walt Disney was once a poor farm boy who couldn’t afford paper to draw. As a kid he often got in trouble for ‘drawing’ on the back of his father’s farm wall. As Walt grew up, he had a share of failures. With the money he saved up and his brother’s help, he created the now famous ‘Walt Disney’ Studios. It was all thanks to a ‘hater’ that the ‘Benous Vista’ Company has stood the test of time.

I don’t want to say this.

But I have to.

Thanks for the ‘tip’, Mr. Disney!

Stay Tuned!

Don Toro vs. Taurus Bullba

Published April 27, 2010 by ladyserenity92

It is the month of Taurus.

Two strong men have decided to take their fight in the ring.

One’s a strong-willed masterminded villain.

The other a kind-hearted single father.

Who will be the ‘Deadlist’ Warrior?

In this video, there is no bloodshed.

Just a bruised pride.

Here’s the showdown.

May the right one win.

Place your bets now!

Stay tuned!

Easter egg

Published April 26, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This is a ‘TV joke-ad’ easter egg for Dr. Pepper/IronMan 2(Marvel) tie-in. No indorsements were made for this post nor the blog itself.

 In the Dr. Pepper ‘joke-ad, a young man sneaks inside  Ironman Tony Stark’s lab. The ‘teift’ hopes to ‘snag’  a ‘suovenare’ from the legendary IronMan. Here’s the real ‘easter egg’. The ‘janitor’ who catches the ‘inturtor’ is no other than comic book artist and Marvel Comics founder, Stan Lee.

Oh, John and Finn Munch, see the ‘easter egg’ for yourself. I can’t wait for Ironman 2 this summer. Enjoy!

Stay Tuned!

RE: TV Turn Off Week 2010

Published April 25, 2010 by ladyserenity92

I almost made it without a week of television.

But the telly got me most of the time.

But on the head-side of the penny, I’m now more careful on chosing which shows to watch and chosing other alternatives besides watching TV.

I guess you could say that I nearly went ‘TV Free’. 😉

Oh, well! But next month I’ll be doing it again.

Even in September.

Have a nice day!

Stay tuned!

The Place where my “Blog” was born!

Published April 24, 2010 by ladyserenity92

It was on July 2, 2008 I took a blogging class. It was a free computer class that I signed up for. In the computer class, there were a lot of  faces of people from all walks of the town. Some were young kids; others were adults. The ‘faces’ in the computer class had many different reasons on why they wanted to take the blogging class. The instructor  told us that at the end of the class we would get a ‘free gift’ for participating.

In the blogging class , we all had a reason why we wanted a weblog. Some of us wanted to blog as a hobby, a few of us wanted to have one  for  fame; a few other people wanted to contact their long-lost relatives. Me… I guess you could say my ‘friends and teachers’ forced me into it.

Our instructor (with a huge knowledge of computers) showed us how to work a blog. Long before I got this ‘blog’, I went to a bookstore in the same building where the ‘class’ took place and took a lot of books on blogging. (The books were free with a ‘card’.) 😉

After what seemed like a 3-hour session(it was dark and almost closing time), the instructor shocked us at what our ‘free gift’ was. It was our own blog. It has been two years since I visited my city library for the blogging class. The staff have become my friends. In the library, you become a celebrity.

I’m now sitting at the library’s public computer, which is closing its doors. Forever.

All over America, so many wonderful libraries are forcing to close their doors because of the budget crises. The Public libraries in North Carolina(Including Charlotte) are cutting back free programs and hours. It’s a crying shame, but it’s true.

The library was where I met my friends, dabbled into the bibliophile scene, and where I got my first blog.

The library means everything to people young and old; rich and poor. It’s the place where people come together to study, to surf the internet; it the library closes, then its everyone’s lost.

Where ever you are, in the Queen City, in Chi Town; the Big Easy or the East/West coast, please support your local library anyway you can. Libraries are what make people free. It we lost the place that matters to the community all over, we have lost a place that makes us free.

Stay Tuned!

Please Donate to the Public Library of Charlotte Mecklenburg or other libraries in your state or area today!

Go to

Every gift counts! Here are some web addresses that you can contact if you live in Mecklenburg County!

A dream right out of a Teenage French”Soap Novel”!

Published April 21, 2010 by ladyserenity92

This song would have been the theme song to a romantic France teen ‘schoolgirl’ soap novel, or a ‘shojo’ for that matter.

It’s true that the song was in French when it was played in Quebec, B.C. in 1981.

The reality was that this  young woman really did live the life of a ‘French’ soap novel heroine.

She grew up poor in a shack with a lot of brothers and sisters. Although her parents were deeply strict, they shared a love of music with the girl and the rest of the family. On most nights, since television was a ‘sin’ lexury, the raido was their soruce of entainment.

At the age of thirteen, the girl left home to start a singing creere.

At sixteen, the young woman  fell in love with her adult male manager and became his wife.

There were some bumps in the road that she had to overcome.

One of them was having to learn English.

To this day, that young woman is still singing and  performing on stages across the world.

And her songs are still played all over the airwaves.

Although she has everything handed to her on a golden platter,

The woman still hasn’t forgotten where she came from.

It was her first song that told people all over Quebec and the world that in order to make your dreams come true, don’t just sit there and dream your life away; get out into the world and make your dreams happen for real.

Although her song is in French, the message in her song speaks to everyone.

Thank you, Ms. Celine Dione!

Stay Tuned!


All has been forgiven!

Published April 19, 2010 by ladyserenity92

As I was away from blogging, I was aghast by so many responses by my previous posts. This was quite a ‘surprise’. I’m seeing a lot of changes in my life. Like graduating from adult high school, cleaning my room. The times are changing. And this is the first day of going without television. Without television, I can do a lot more things in the morning.

It’s so quiet in this flat and everyone’s asleep. I just love it!

Well, gotta go! See you next time!

Stay tuned!

TV Turn off Week:April 19-25 & Sept. 19-25, 2010

Published April 16, 2010 by ladyserenity92

When was the first time you got grounded by your parents or guardians?

If you remember, the first thing that they probably took  from you was your television privileges.

In your room, the first thing you could have done was do your homework.

Or maybe you drew, or wrote fan fiction.

Maybe, you might had listened to your radio.

When I was grounded, I did just that.

And…I liked every moment of living in a No-TV paradise.

In 1994, a group of ‘free-thinkers’ decided that kids and adults needed to be ‘grounded’ and deprived of their ‘TV privileges.’

And that was how TV Turn Off Week  was formed.

Now in its 15th year, TV Turn Off Week has been gaining more supporters in spite of broadcasting companies launching new hit shows.

In fact, the same group is now putting its aim on shutting off ‘digial’ devices also.

A few years ago, I decided to give this ‘No-TV’ week a go.

At first I enjoyed not watching the boob-tube. I went outside in the air, I read books all night, I even wrote ’til dawn. But in a family of thick-heads, I couldn’t bear the temptation and ended up watching T.V. with them. I told my friend Carlyle about it. As a second mother-figure, she told me that it alright to ‘break the sabbat’ by watching the news with your family. ‘No one isn’t going to ‘chop’ off your head and put it on a platter for a mistake. Just be careful next time.’

Now in a new decade, television has gotten too mean-spirited, too shallow and…(Oh, bloody hell! You know what I’m saying!)

Television can be entertaining and educational, but too much television can be overloading. Just like most good things, it’s best to enjoy television in moderation. If you want to watch television, get a subscription to a television magazine(i.e. TV Guide) and make a ‘menu seclection’ of your favorite shows. If your favorite show is on too late, or you long to find that ‘rare, nearly forggoten’ television show, visit the library, a video rental store; ect. and ask the employees if they can help you.

Most of the popular, older shows are imports, if you can’t understand what show you want to order, some of the employees do speak some English. You might want to describe the show and bring a picture and the title.

Chose wisely, grasshopper!

Do you know Jaime Escalante?

He was a teacher who taught his class to belive in themselves and in math. He was a Bolivian immigrant whose life was based in the bio-pic Stand and Deliver in 1988. It was a shame that out of countless TV networks in America, only ABC chose to air the news of his passing from cancer at age 79. Instead, they chose to broadcast the passing of actress Dixie Carter. Dixie Carter had cancer and died at 70. She got more respect than Mr. Escalante.

(Rest in peace, Teacher!/Sensei Escalante!)

Dixie Carter is nothing compared to Jaime Escalante. Jaime Escalante is the real hero.

Speaking of ‘Heroes’

Ronald T. Takaki was a controversial ethnic scholar. As a ‘Ganji’ (outsider), he felt empathy not only for his kind, but for the ethnic and social classes in America. Takaki was an open-hearted and kind man who taught sociality to love one another, in spite of that person that’s not of your own kind. Because he didn’t fit the ‘Joe Jutsu’ discription of a Japanese person nor stayed in his place, Ronald T. Takaki faced discrimination. In face, when he fell in love with the daughter of a caucasian(white) pastor, the girl’s parents condemned him and showed him the door.

Ronald, (who was a Christian) was heartbroken that a man who spoke about God’s message about loving one another and of tolerance would forbade him from dating his daughter because of his race.

You could just imagine  18-year old Ronald being lashed at in front of  his 17-year old girlfriend by her father. Ronald was forbidden from ever seeing his beloved again.

No one knows what happen that reunited Ronald with his sweetheart. It maybe that when spring came, Ronald saw his love under the cherry tree, waiting for him. It was on that day they decided to wed, no matter what the cost. It was a white wedding grown Mrs. Takaki wore on the day she married her husband. (In some asian cultures, the color white is a symbol for death.) On the day of Ronald’s funeral, she wore a black dress with a vile. In the television world, Mrs. Takaki was always watching soap novels and other things that only ‘whites’ can have happiness in the world. When she first met Ronald, she realized that what you see on the picture isn’t always what the world want you to belive. You have to find the truth for yourself.

Ronald was the truth she needed. To this day, instead of watching the television with its silly soap novels, Mrs. Takaki wears her wedding dress and holds a celebration with her 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren at her husband’s grave. In her heart, Mrs. Takaki knows that one day she will be buried beside her husband. But she knows her body won’t be in the ground; Mrs. Takaki will be in bed, young and beauty in the arms of Ronald. Just like it was on the morning after their wedding. (Sleeping in the morning, under the covers, sky-clad.) And Ronald will be young, healthy and handsome.

These were real men. They were teachers who changed the world. They had lives. When they passed on, no one cared about them. In fact, some local T.V. stations(WSOC–TV) has a ‘no-death by sudicide’ report. I’m sad to say that most Japanese people have a code of suicide, and Mr. Takaki who was so much pain from Multiple sclerosis for 20 years decided to follow the code. (Another term: ‘Taking the Japanese way out’.)

It comes to show, television overlooks the real heroes that made a real diffrence.

TV Turnoff Week begins on April 19th–25th & September 19th–25th, 2010.

As of today, I have made my pledge to follow in the movement of ‘No-TV for a week’. In fact, I will make every month a ‘TV Turnoff Week.’ April 18th will be my last day of watching television. But on the exceptions, I will use ‘devices’ that aren’t qualified as ‘television’. There are a lot of wondrous things to do without the aid of television. I urge you, my friends that will take back the fun and simple things that don’t require TV. celebrate ‘being grounded’ from the television.

Someone once told me that God made humans to go outside and enjoy the outdoors.

I miss recess.

Instead of watching reruns of the show Recess, why don’t have ‘Recess’ outside. Or better yet… why not make a fan fiction story about Recess?

Let’s make TV Turnoff Week every month.

We have eight months left in 2010, and the TV Turnoff Week dates for 2010 are 19th-25th(April & Sept.)

Come April 19th, my television will be unplugged.

I’m officially Grounded!

Stay Tuned!

This essay is for entrainment proposes only. The views and opinions expressed do not reflect, the relatives of the deceased, the broadcast networks, nor the blogist herself.

Spring Cleaning (Poem)

Published April 14, 2010 by ladyserenity92

In honor of National poetry Month(April), I’ve decided to post this ‘lost’ piece of writing that I came across in my notebook. Please enjoy. Send your comments, if you can.

Spring Cleaning

As the first day of spring came,

I decided to do something that I never done in so long.

I began to clear everything from the bed to the closet.

As I stared going through my clutter,

I began to find out more about my life.

There were old photographs of family and friends that were there in my life, but many have since moved on.

Letters that I wrote to people who were in spite and anger.

List of hopes and dreams that I have accomplished or still need finish.

There were books and recipes.

Menus and broken watches.

They were things that I thought were gone,

but only to be discover.

Then I came to realize that my ‘Spring Cleaning’ was my ‘Spring Awakening’.

I found things about myself that I thought I had hidden for so long.

I found out about the person that I feared the most

Was myself.

As I throw the past away and keep a few things to remember of my past life.

I’ll alway know

With each spring season

you become more maturer

and where you are heading in your life.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning your space,

It’s about being awakened to the person that you don’t want to face.

It’s about awakening ‘You’.

Stay Tuned!

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