Video Roulette

Published March 24, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Hey, boys and girls! Ladies and Gents! (And you haters and lovers!)

This is a new category. This category is called ‘Video Roulette’ !

(I Kid you not.)

Do you know the game of roulette?

Have you played the game of roulette?

This Roulette is a little different.

I will select a day(any day) to post a video.

It may surprize you.

It may scare you.

But the catch is…. you may be hit with a ‘Video’ and may not know it.

I’ll tease you with my deceptions!

It may be any video I choose.

On some days they may be many or a few.

Or none at all.

But I may tell you that one is coming,

Or maybe I’ll keep silent.

Do you want a video right now?

Ok…. Here is the first ‘Video’!

You won this round!

But next time I’ll fool you!

Enjoy this ‘reward’!

Stay tuned!



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