Fish Jokes!(Disney Jokes!)

Published March 22, 2010 by ladyserenity92

A few days ago I made up some good fish jokes on the eve of my baby brother’s 23rd birthday this March. My brother is a Pisces. But the sad thing about it is that he is a dumb bass. I’m happy to say that my brother (in spite of getting into deep trouble, has been given another yearly upgrade on his lifeclock. My brother knows that his time is running out. I’ll pray for him ever day. That’s what an older sister must do!

I told my fish jokes to my mom and our neighbour. They laughed at the jokes! I hope you guys will too!


What kind of fish makes people laugh and smile every time people come to see it?


A  clown fish

I love Finding Nemo!


What is Ariel’s secret part-time joke when is isn’t attending school with the other fish?


She works as a Mer-Maid! (Mermaid)

My fish jokes have turned into ‘Disney’ Jokes! Have a great day!

Stay Tooned!

These jokes are for entertainment purposes only. Buenos Vista/Disney Corp. nor ABC is not a sponsor of this blog.


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