The Spirits of Feminism

Published March 5, 2010 by ladyserenity92

There are two women that have touched me in ways that I had never felt before. Since this is Women’s History Month, I want to talk about two special women that have made a difference with their message to women: you can be free, although you have lost so much. The two women that brought that message are Japanese author, Banana Yoshimoto and former kidnap victim, J.C. Dugrar.

For Banana, she often writes about the feminine spirit and painful loss. She is sometimes called ‘The Female Murakimi’. Although Ms. Yoshimoto’s private life remains in the dark, her penmanship is her light to the darkness of not only Japanese patriarchy, but patriarchy in many parts of globe. As her fans wait for the arrival of another novel, Yoshimoto’s touch can be felt almost everywhere. ‘Banana Fever’ will never slow down any time soon.

J.C. Dugrar

J.C. Dugrar was only eleven-years old when she was abducted from her bus stop. She was held against her will in a backyard tent. For 18 years, Dugrar was forced to be a sex-slave to a convicted pedophile and bare him two children. In 2009, the nightmare finally came to an end when she was rescued from her captors. Six months later, Dugrar has learned to move on and forgive the people who held her captive for so many years of her life.

Now 29, Ms. Dugrar is making her long-awaited interview for ABC’s 20/20. In her interview, the former victim might give the world a beacon of hope for someone in the world that may think that they lost their chance of hope.

They’re many more women that shine a light of the feminist spirit. Let’s embraced the spirit of womanhood and Women’s History Month!

Stay Tuned!


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