“Sometimes it is often best to write on paper first before typing on the computer”

Published February 21, 2010 by ladyserenity92

That is what some old-school Creative Writing teachers would tell you. And you know what; it’s sometimes a very good advice. In the age of computers and technology, what would happen if all the computers in the world suddenly get hit with a ‘cyber-blackout’? (Read: “Cyber-blackout hits wp.com, Feb. 20,2010). Computers don’t last forever.

With paper, you can write whatever is on your mind and you don’t have to share it with the whole world. (Unless you have to.) Plus, paper is less expansive than a computer. If you lost your work on the computer, you are out of gas. With paper, you won’t lose your hard-working work.

There are some downsides to paper.

If you get soaked in the rain, chances are, that report you’ve worked on for years will be gone in the trash. And fires love the taste of paper. The flames catch it, bye-bye.

In other words, sometimes a computer is best sometimes; just in moderation. Paper is sometimes better, too. But together, they can work to make lives better.

If you happened to see Joyce Carol Oats on a bench writing on paper(in longhand), just make sure she saw the weather report. There’s a chance that it will rain on her head; and on her papers.

Stay tuned!

This commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions of this post do not represent Wordpress.com, Ladyserenity.wordpress.com, nor the blogist herself. Joyce Carol Oats is not in anyway conected with this post nor has any endorsements for this blog. 


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