Just the facts!

Published January 20, 2010 by ladyserenity92

Here’s a list from the news that will make you—- think. These facts are not intended to offend any minority groups.

  1. More women than men are now the breadwinners in the household. The men are now the ones looking for Miss Right. But there’s a catch: The women that men want to marry are highly educated and have the cash money. Girls and boys, are you reading this post? If you drop out of school now, it is more likely that you will miss out on a lot of opportunities and a chance on a successful future in the world. No matter how hard it is in the world, please stay in school. Don’t believe the bozos that tell you you’ll make it without an education, get that degree and give your future a chance.
  2. A Caucasian woman with an education and a career is more likely that an African American with a successful career and an education to get married. Women who live in poverty are much more likely to become bitter and spiteful to their own race and the race of others. The same is that with men who are living in poverty as well.
  3. Light-skinned African Americans are much more likely to be successful than dark-skinned African-Americans. People with a strong lexicon and knowledge are twice as likely than people with a weak lexicon to turn to drugs or other vices.
  4. People who limit their t.v. time or don’t watch t.v. at all are more likely to be happy, smart and less judgemental than those who watch t.v. for more than one hour. Oh, yeah: T.V. burners are less likely to become obese.
  5. In an unknown poll, the country of Denmark was rated the happiest country to live in. Besides being the happiest people; the Danes are the most consumers of confectionaries than any other country in the world. I think Willy Wonka just booked a flight to Denmark.

Stay Tuned!


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