The Last Day of Autumn

Published December 20, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hiya, Toons and Toondetts! Today is Sunday, December 20th, 2009. This is the last day of Autumn ’09; tomorrow will be the first day of Winter. But for some reason, Winter has ‘showed’ his face in the North and the South. So far, there is no sign of a one snowflake here in the Queen City. I hope I see some snow soon. I’d love a White Christmas.

Yesterday, my little sister and her son came to the apartment to visit my mom and me. I was so happy that I got my blessing. What was so unexpected of the blessing was she brought us groceries for Christmas dinner this week. I’m so happy. And you know, God and Jesus can bring miracles and blessings if you just ask them. No matter who you are, God and Jesus love you so much!

I’m becoming more and more happy! All I have to do is keep on Praying and think on the bright side of the sun. I have a Tip Line just in time for the Holiday Season. I found it in a Rent-a-Center ad.

You don’t have to have credit to get the good stuff for the holidays. —- Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, former NBA player.

Well, that’s all the time for this post. I hope you guys stay warm and safe! Happy Christmas & Merry Holidays!

Stay Tuned!


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