Maus (Book review)

Published December 18, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This is a book review that fits perfectly into the Hanukkah season! Enjoy.

Graphic novelist Art Spiegelman brings a tale of his parents lives during the Jewish Holocaust (1939—1945) and his life with his ailing dad during the last years of being with him. Art Spiegelman’s comic/autobiography spans in two parts in two graphic novels (Vol.1: My Father Bleeds History and Vol. 2: And Here My Troubles Began.)

This is a rare piece of work that graphic novelist Art Spiegelman has portrayed that nearly fits into the Jewish culture of Jewish authors and artist. The Nazis are cats, the Jew mice; the Polish pigs; each animal fits like a puzzle into Spiegelman’s books. What Art Spiegelman is trying to explain in his artwork is the tortured relationship of a father and son and the survivors’ and the children of the survivors’ that are trying to survive the scars left by the Holocaust.

Full of betrayal, love, family, hope and loss, Maus is a psychological and dark tale about the battle of two generations trying to find hope and peace amongst themselves, while fighting the wounds that cannot be healed. Maus isn’t the best work of Art Spiegelman’s Holocaust that he has offered to his fans of his other works, but the descriptions of his artwork can make a youth (age12+) learn more about the infamous history of the Holocaust.

A sensitive, yet disquieting read that will leave you with its bitter ending. It is haunting, but not moving.

My rating: C+

Stay Tuned!


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