Is Rain ready for Hollywood?

Published December 17, 2009 by ladyserenity92

South Korean Actor/musician Rain(aka: Jeong Ji-hun) has made a name for himself by making it into People magazine’s Most Influential People list of 2006. Sure, he’s stared in two movies (Speed Racer and Ninja Assassin) both movies sucked like an octopus. The fans of Rain want to know: Is this guy ready for Hollywood?

Let’s face it, Rain is 27 years old and he should know better to choose his roles that fit his image and maturity. Although he has albums in Korean and Japanese, Rain hasn’t even released an album in English. Was the guy donating coats really ‘Rain’? In my opinion, I think Rain isn’t ready for Hollywood (yet.) I think Rain should fly home back to South Korea and chill until he grows up.

Sorry, Rain man! Hollywood isn’t ready for your debut. If you want to prove yourself worthy, just leave a post saying that you are.

Stay tuned!


4 comments on “Is Rain ready for Hollywood?

  • It wasn’t in my best intrest to ‘judge’ a person without knowing the true facts. Although I didn’t see “Rain” in any new projects, I’ve have heard a lot of ‘bittersweet’ moments the man has. Rain and I almost share a lot in commen. If you have any more infomation on Rain(is this a fan or mangager of his?) Please don’t hesatate to reply to my blog.

    I’m always opened to what my fans have to offer.

    I’m sorry if I have offened the fans of Rain.

  • I’m into a lot of culture. I’ve resently rented a few ‘Korean’ movies from the libary.
    If you think Rain is a genius, at least Hollywood can give him a movie that will make him a smash.
    I want to see Rain again on a remake of “Black Rain” or whatever Hollywood can dish out for him.

    Call Tyler Perry!

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