No Purchase Necessary

Published November 20, 2009 by ladyserenity92

What has happened to homemade gifts that were made by human hands? They were made with love and heart by the person’s own bare hands and handed over in a gifted-wrapped package to a person they loved. I’ve had sent countless homemade gifts and cards to my family and friends. There was that one gift I sent that got ‘rejected’.

Two years ago, I’ve gave my 3-year old niece a cartoon photo in a frame that I made for her by hand. She was upset about it and gave the gift back to me. My niece wanted ‘material’ gifts instead of homemade ones from her aunt. Nowadays people want material gifts instead of the homemade gifts. People just don’t want homemade gifts. They only want gifts that are brought from the store.

Case in point.

A group of kids are given two gifts to play with; a homemade toy train and a video game from Japan. You get the clue that the kids would rather choose the video game to play with rather than the homemade toy train.

In this time of recession and the coming holiday season, isn’t it time for the revival of homemade gifts? Well, it’s about time. Why not make a homemade gift for a love one today!

This commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in this piece do not reflect on the author, her weblog, or

Stay Tuned!


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