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Citizen Kane(DVD easter egg)

Published November 30, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Go to ‘Special features’ on your remote control. Click down to ‘production notes’ and press the right arrow. When the sled is highlighted in red, press the enter button. As a special ‘treat, there is a rare 1997 interview with the late actress Ruth Warrick.

Stay tuned!

Such Sweet Sorrow(Chap.13)

Published November 27, 2009 by ladyserenity92

  Dear Butterfly,

The first time I met you, I knew from that you were the one that would be my one best friend forever. I thought that we would always be close like sister and grow up together. I now know the truth and came to terms that we can never be friends. Don’t think just because I can’t be your friend, doesn’t mean that I hate you; it’s just for some reason we can’t be close to each other.

It’s so unfair that I must stop being the friend that you’ve come to love. I enjoy the time that I spent with you and your family. I like you so much, my dearest Butterfly; it’s just that I can’t be your friend. Why would a poor, wretched girl like me deserve to be your friend? I don’t hate you, Butterfly. Please forgive me for cutting our friendship so short.

You have a wonderful free-spirit, and a strong-will that is unbreakable. I hope no one in this world takes away your freedom to live your life. I’m sorry for being weak, Sweetie. I wish I was like you, I wish I could have your life. When you read this letter, don’t come to visit me; I won’t be there. I’ve given you, T.R. and Jordan a few things to remember me by.

Sweet, Butterfly, I shall always remember you for your smile and your heart. I’ll never hold you in my arms again or hold your sweet angelic face. I will never again read the books in my room or greet Mr. Quidame and drink hot chocolate with him on a winter’s day. What I’ll miss is my brother’s sense of humor and my parents’ sweet kisses and hugs.

See you at the crossroads, my Butterfly. Parting is such sweet sorrow. Goodnight.

Anna Knight

Anna’s letter sent a chill through my body. The letter was creepy to the core. It wasn’t like Anna to write a letter that was frightening. Daddy stepped inside my room and  came over to my bed.

“Butterfly, it’s late,” Daddy said, “it’s time for bed.”

“Daddy, I—“ I stammered.

 Daddy took the letter from my hands. “Butterfly, please go to bed. You can tell me what’s on your mind in the morning.”

I obeyed Daddy as he went out the door with my letter. I removed my shoes, socks and clothes. I snuggled under the cover, and went to sleep. In the dawn, I was haunted by Anna’s letter.

Cousin Ray called me from upstairs. By my cousin’s tone, it was an important matter he wanted to ask me about. I finished taking a shower and was getting dressed into a pair of new clothes. I rushed downstairs to see what my cousin wanted. I got to the den and I saw Vladimir standing next to Cousin Ray and Daddy. Daddy was holding Anna’s letter in his hand. Vladimir was shaking, trying not to cry. Cousin Ray was comforting him. Cousin Ray turned to me and started to speak.

“Butterfly,” he began, “something happened to Anna. She’s gone missing.

“Missing? What do you mean?” I responded, alarmed.

Vladimir spoke up for my cousin, “my sister’s missing. I woke up this morning to go to work. I went to check up on my sister. I opened the door calling her name, thinking she was still in bed. I went inside and her bed was made up and there were boxes full of her things and a note with instructions on which boxes to give away to whom. You know Anna, so I came over to ask if you can help me find her. I mean, Anna’s a good kid. She would never run away. If I had something to do to make her run away… oh God!”

Vladimir broke down and sobbed. He got a hold of himself and continued. “Anna’s my only sister. Our parents are overseas in a war and I had been working and had been too busy to spend time with her. She has no one to turn to. I’ve been fighting with her a lot and she took it hard.”

“Don’t worry, Vladimir. I’m sure your sister will come back home.” Cousin Ray told him. “We’ll find her.”

Miss Carla gave Vladimir a glass of water as Daddy handed Cousin Ray Anna’s letter. Cousin Ray read the letter twice and began making plans to find Anna. T.R. and Jordan had a worried look posted on their faces. I sat between them on the couch.

“Don’t worry, Anna will be alright,” I told them. “She just went out somewhere to chill. She’ll be back safe and sound.” I hugged T.R. and Jordan, praying that Anna will return home.

That afternoon Cousin Ray began the search to look for Anna. Cousin Ray and Vladimir rode their bikes and search around the neighborhood. An hour went by. Cousin Ray and Vladimir returned back to the house, empty-handed.

“We looked everywhere for her,” Vladimir said, “we asked everybody if they seen her, but no one hasn’t seen her all morning.”

Cousin Ray added, “I know Anna so much. It isn’t like her to run away like this. I don’t know what would possess her to leave.”

As Anna’s disappearance started to unravel, Vladimir gave a revelation on why Anna would run away. Two years ago Anna’s parents moved to Orangeburg to get away from the city. Anna didn’t want to go with them, saying that the city had more choices to offer, and that she didn’t want to leave school. For some reason, they made Anna go with them when she had relatives that she could stay with. Ever since they moved here, Anna was unhappy and depressed. Anna often wrote poems about wanting to go into a deep sleep and never wanting to wake up.

It was in the same words of the letter that Anna had written. A chilling image flashed into my mind on where Anna was.

“We have to get to the mansion,” I cried, “I know Anna went there! We have to go!”

“Let’s go!” Cousin Ray said, rushing out the door. Vladimir and I rushed out the door behind Cousin Ray. We hopped into Cousin Ray’s car and drove like mad to the mansion. Although I was not the most religious teenager in America, I was praying to God that we would find Anna inside. Anna would be there on the front porch swing, eating a peach and smiling. Or she would be swinging on the swing on the magnolia branch.

We got to the mansion and jumped out of the car. Cousin Ray opened the front gate and went through the yard. Vladimir called, “Anna! Anna Knight!” As we walked around to the back yard, I saw the magnolia tree where the swing was. Cousin Ray went to the tree and stood dead at what he saw. Vladimir and I saw that the rope on the swing had been cut off.

“My sister might be inside,” Vladimir pointed out.

We called out Anna’s name loud as we could.

Anna! Anna! Anna Knight!

Cousin Ray broke through the back door and led us inside. We searched inside the mansion looking for Anna. I went over to the stairwell and started going slowly up the steps. “Anna?” I called softly. “Are you up there?” I went upward on the steps until I came to the top. I trotted down the hallway, until I came to the door in front of me. “Anna?” I answered once more. I placed my hand on the doorknob and gave it a half-turn. I pushed the door opened and stepped inside.

In the room there was a smell of fresh death lingering in the air. I heard the buzzing of flies feasting on a dish of the rotting feast. I looked upward and saw the body of a young girl hanging on the beam of the ceiling. The girl was in her pajamas and had her red hair cut short. Her body was facing the window that had sunlight shinning from the outside. I knew at the moment who the girl was. My heart fell all the way to the floor.

“Nooo! No! Oh, God! Anna!” I was screaming and crying, thinking  it was just a bad dream. Cousin Ray and Vladimir burst into the room where I was and were horrified at the same thing that I saw. Vladimir sobbed and cried out in vain. Cousin Ray spotted a knife on the floor that Anna used to cut the rope on the swing. Cousin Ray picked up the knife and set the chair upward. My cousin tried hard not to cry, although the tears were rolling down on his face.

Cousin Ray stood up on the chair and began cutting the rope.

To be continued/Stay Tuned!

Life after Oprah

Published November 23, 2009 by ladyserenity92

November 20th, 2009.

It was the day that Oprah Winfried told the world that she was signing off after 25 years. The world is wondering what the world will be like without Oprah on the air. It is sad to see a woman of wisdom to leave the spotlight and head off into the sunset, but we as a people who grew up and love Oprah can do something to fill in the void come September 3rd, 2011.

We have blogs to post, people to spend time with; there are so many things that we can do that will make Oprah happy. Why not start your life without Oprah now. Do whatever you want to show how much you love Oprah and how much you’ll miss her when she is gone. Don’t start jumping off any buildings or blow your minds out, you have a whole life ahead of  you in the post Oprah world.

I’ll miss Oprah, too. It was her who taught me that I’ll be able to make it, no matter what. I don’t know who can replace her. But I’ll move on and hope someday I get to see her… or if she’s reading this blog right now.

Stay tuned!

“Are you for Team Edward or for Team Jacob?”

Published November 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Q: Are you for Team Edward or for Team Jacob?

A: Hmmm? The eternal question that has plagued me since reading the Twilight book series. When someone asks me that question, it’s like being asked if I want B.D. Wong or Masi Oka to be my Facebook buddy or if I want to go to a baseball game with Ken Watanabe or go to a vegetarian dinner with Samuel L. Jackson.

Am I for Team Edward or for Team Jacob? That is the question that I have no answer for. I’m sorry.

I just enjoy reading the Twilight novels just for the fun of it find out who gets to have Bella’s heart. Back in Community College, I’ve met a real Edward and a real Bella. Of course they are not like the characters in the book series. Edward was a young man who wanted to be called ‘Ed’ or ‘Eddie’, but didn’t want to be called ‘Edward’ period. And my classmate Bella was a Hispanic Jehovah Witness who hasn’t heard of the Twilight novels and doesn’t want to read them because her religion is against certain reading of books.

The real Edward and Bella lives among you in this world. Just not in the literary world. (LTM)(Laughing to myself).

Am I for Team Edward or for Team Jacob? If you want me to answer that eternal question, don’t hold your breath.

Stay tuned!

Gender Genocide

Published November 21, 2009 by ladyserenity92

It has been brought to my attention that our health care system has been neglecting the health of its citizens for way too long. Now the same ‘monsters’ are telling women not to have mammograms at 40 and having them to wait at 50 to have one. That burns my toast! I didn’t know that our government was that sick to its women (and to its men) who are in the fight for breast cancer.

I know there are rebel doctors and rebel leaders of the US government that are telling their people not to listen to the idiots in control of the US Health Care System and urging the public to get their mammograms as soon as they can.

Are you reading this post, Dr. Shen?

What the US Health Care system is telling its people is gender genocide. Now more and more people are suffering because of the B.S. message that the Health Care system is passing along. Please, whatever your age is, get your yearly mammogram as soon as possible. Don’t let the government tell you to wait until it’s too late.

Stay Tuned!

This commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in this piece do not reflect on the author, her weblog, or

No Purchase Necessary

Published November 20, 2009 by ladyserenity92

What has happened to homemade gifts that were made by human hands? They were made with love and heart by the person’s own bare hands and handed over in a gifted-wrapped package to a person they loved. I’ve had sent countless homemade gifts and cards to my family and friends. There was that one gift I sent that got ‘rejected’.

Two years ago, I’ve gave my 3-year old niece a cartoon photo in a frame that I made for her by hand. She was upset about it and gave the gift back to me. My niece wanted ‘material’ gifts instead of homemade ones from her aunt. Nowadays people want material gifts instead of the homemade gifts. People just don’t want homemade gifts. They only want gifts that are brought from the store.

Case in point.

A group of kids are given two gifts to play with; a homemade toy train and a video game from Japan. You get the clue that the kids would rather choose the video game to play with rather than the homemade toy train.

In this time of recession and the coming holiday season, isn’t it time for the revival of homemade gifts? Well, it’s about time. Why not make a homemade gift for a love one today!

This commentary is for entertainment purposes only. The views and opinions expressed in this piece do not reflect on the author, her weblog, or

Stay Tuned!

Such Sweet Sorrow (Chap.12)

Published November 17, 2009 by ladyserenity92

   My perfect world was coming to an end. My parents were divorcing; and now I was losing my cousin. In the sixteen years of life I had lived though the goodness and the ugliness of growing up. With the joy and pain of growing up, I had learned many lessons on what a teenage girl has to go through on the rollercoaster of adolescent life.

   When morning came, I awakened to a painful headache and puffy eyes. I had cried so much in my sleep after the fight I had with Cousin Ray. I thought about Mindy and how I blamed her for taking my cousin away from me. My Cousin Ray belong to me, and no one could take him away from me. As I rose up, I heard a gentle tap on the door. The opened and Daddy stepped inside.

“Hi, baby,” he greeted with a light smile.

“Hi, Daddy,” I answered with sadness.

Daddy came over to my bed and sat next to me. “Ray has the day off and he’s taking us to the beach. I would like for you to get ready. It’ll take your mind off the fight from last night.”

“I’m not going.”

Daddy sighed.  “I don’t want to argue with you, Butterfly. I know that you’re old enough to make your decisions, but I want you to make peace with your cousin and get over what conflict you have against him. Your cousin’s getting married next summer and he wants to tell you that he’s sorry for hurting you. I want you to apologize to him for your part in the conflict.  Ray loves you and deep down in your heart you love him, too. Just apologize to Ray and make peace with him. . When you’re ready to apologize to cousin, I’ll be downstairs waiting on you.”

   Daddy gave me a side hug and left me alone. After Daddy left, I started to reflect on what I had done. I knew down in my heart that I had to apologize to Ray. I got out of bed and got ready for the beach. I took a shower and put on my mermaid-pink swimsuit and sunscreen. For the last touch, I tied my brown hair back into a ponytail. I went downstairs and found Ray in the kitchen, having coffee and reading the newspaper. I looked at my cousin as he glanced my way. I took a moment on what to say to him. I found the words in my heart.

I came over to my cousin and faced him. “I’m sorry,” I said.

 Cousin Ray stood up and embraced me. “I forgive you too, honey,” he said.

   Later on, I joined my family downstairs in the den. Cousin Ray stepped in the front doorway. “I’m sorry, everyone,” he announced to us, “my car is too small and it can’t fit everyone inside. I have to go to the car rental dealership to rent a van. It’ll take an hour to get the van ready; please bear with me.” Jordan groaned at the news.

‘I’ll go with you, Ray.” Daddy volunteered, “I know a lot about cars and vans.”

   Cousin Ray ended up taking Daddy with him to the car rental dealership while we kids stayed with Miss Carla back at the house. To ease the time, Miss Carla entertained us with stories and songs. Miss Carla gave us lemonade to drink. An hour later, Cousin Ray and Daddy came back with the van. “I’ve got the van,” Cousin Ray called, “let’s rock!” We cheered as we raced out the door and hopped into the van. We waved goodbye to Miss Carla as we drove away.

Along the way, Cousin Ray made a u-turn up the road that lead to an apartment building. Cousin Ray drove up to the building and parked the van in the parking lot. Turning his head to me, he said, “Butterfly, I want you to go to the intercom box and press the button to apartment 315. Just ask for Mindy.”

I was in disbelief. “Mindy’s—“

“Yes, she’s coming with us. Now move along.”

I unfastened my seatbelt and slid open the van door. I stepped outside and walked over to the front door. When I approached the door, I saw the intercom box. The box had buttons and the apartment numbers of the people who lived in the building. I scanned for apartment number 315. I found the number and Mindy’s name and pressed the button. The button made an electric buzzing sound

“Yes?” a female voice answered over the intercom.

“Is Mindy here?” I replied. “My Cousin Ray’s come to take her to the beach.”

“Hang on a minute. I’ll tell her that you’re here.”

As I waited, I studied my time tables in my head. I almost made it to 8×14 when I saw Mindy through the glass frame of the door. Mindy opened the door and appeared in front of me. Mindy wore a blue swimsuit with a scarf wrapped around her waist. She wore opened-toe sandals and carried a big picnic basket. Sticking out her arm to me, she spoke in a British accent, “Your grace, take me to your carriage.” I locked my arm with hers and walked her over to the van. As we stepped inside the van, Ray examined Mindy from head to toe and couldn’t help but blush at her beauty.

“Hi, Mindy,” Ray spoke. “You look as lovely as a rose in a garden.

Mindy scoffed. “Honey, I’m twenty-eight years old. I’m more beautiful than any flower in a garden of weeds.” We buckled our seatbelts as Cousin Ray started the car.


   During the ride to the beach, Mindy held a conversation with us.  Mindy was getting along with my family. T.R. and Jordan asked Mindy how our cousin proposed to her. Mindy told them that she and Cousin Ray were at a mini-golf course with some co-workers. After the game was over, Cousin Ray ordered some nachos to split with her. Eating the nachos, Mindy bit something hard.  Mindy spat into her napkin and saw that it was a sapphire ring. And the rest was history. We laughed in unison at the story. I began to like Mindy for her spirit. Mindy was the right choice for my cousin to have as a wife. I got a chance to talk to Mindy and found out that she wasn’t the mean person I thought she was. My jealousy was fading away from my heart.

Mindy watched me from the corner of her eye and knew what was happening to me. “Thank you for being kind to me, Butterfly,” she said. “I’m happy that you have finally accepted me into your family.” I was happy to get to know Mindy. For the rest of the trip, I felt happy.


   Out of my window, I saw the beach. With the ocean and the waves crashing along the shoreline, it was like seeing a 3-D picture coming to life. Cousin Ray drove into the parking lot to park the van.  When Cousin Ray finally found a parking space, Mindy and my family were glad with relief. After my cousin parked the van, I leaped out of the van and raced with T.R. and Jordan to the ocean. We took our time walking to the ocean since the sandbank was too hot for us to run. I raced my brother and sister to the ocean, shouting, “Last one’s in a skunk in a bunk!”  . I drove into the water head first into the water as T.R. and Jordan jumped in after me. In the water, I saw Mindy, Daddy and Cousin Ray setting up a spot on the shore.

  As Mindy placed her picnic basket down on the blanket, Cousin Ray picked her up in his arms and started carrying her toward the ocean. Mindy fought my cousin, struggling. “Let me go, you dim-dim!” she demanded. Cousin Ray got into the water, with Mindy still in his arms.

Mindy cried, “Ray, Don’t!”

Cousin Ray smiled. “Goodbye, Mindy.”

In a split second, my cousin threw his fiancée into the water. Mindy leaped up out of the water like a daffodil in the springtime. Before she could chew my cousin out, a juggernaut ocean wave hit her from behind and knocked her back into the water. Mindy got up again to see Cousin Ray laughing at her.

“You jerk,” Mindy shouted, “I’ll get you for that!”

   Mindy tried to push Cousin Ray in the water. With a quick mind, Cousin Ray grabbed Mindy’s arm and fell into the water with him. Cousin Ray and Mindy jumped out of the water and laughed together. T.R. and Jordan laughed at the scene. I laughed with them. I took a glance at Cousin Ray and Mindy. I saw Mindy kiss my cousin on his left ear and whispering sweet overtures into it. I remember whispering into Cousin Ray’s left ear and kissing it. It was the same ear that my cousin was deaf in.

   When he was a boy, Ray was with some friends on a school field trip on the beach.  In the middle of a conversation with his friends, he saw a girl drowning in the ocean. Ray dove in and rescued the girl. Ray saved the girl; two days later, he caught a cold and suffered an ear infection that caused him to lose his hearing in his left ear. Instead of feeling sorry for being half-deaf, Ray developed a ‘trick’ that he often uses to this day.

   When someone whispers into his left ear, Cousin Ray feels the vibration that is felt within the tone. With a pen and paper, he writes down what was said to him and answers the reply right back.  Cousin Ray was thirteen when he started the trick. He has done it for 16 years.  Cousin Ray only told a few close people about his secret. Before the announcement, I whispered into my cousin’s left ear, “Ray Quidame, I’ll love you ‘til the day I die. Now and forever.”

And my cousin would think of what to say to me. He took his time to give his reply. Cousin Ray found it. He leaned forward to my ear and gave me an ear kiss that made my heart melt.

“Now we’re even,” was his reply.

The ‘forever’ that I hoped for would never come true.

   Later on in the day, it was time to eat. Mindy’s basket was stuffed with food that she made herself. Mindy was an Iron Chef. There were sandwiches, rice balls, pickles; devilled eggs, donuts, peach cobbler, lemonade and iced tea. It was a smorgasbord of cold food for a hot summer day.

“I took up cooking lessons at the community college,” Mindy confessed. “I remember having to make lunch for my class. The best part of getting married is that I get to try my cooking skills on my man and my family on the holidays. Well, don’t just stare at my food, let’s eat!”

  We did what Mindy told us and ate to our heart’s content. At first I wouldn’t like the food Mindy made. After a few bites, I was eating like a queen. After the cold lunch, we went for a walk along the shore. On our walk, we saw seashells that were pretty as jewels. Daddy told us that we could pick up a few to take home with us. I noticed a hermit crab crawling out of its shell. The shell was white with purple spots on it. I bent down to the hermit crab and told it, “I know you don’t mind me taking your old home away from you. I hope that your new home will be nicer than this one was. Thank you.”

  I have a habit of talking to animals. When I was a kid, I met a Buddhist monk at a Buddhist temple. I was with a tour group, doing a report on Buddhism. The monk told me that every living animal has a living spirit within them. I was haunted by the monk’s words. Over the years, I became a vegetarian. After the summer ended, I became a full-fledged vegetarian. I can eat whatever I want as long as it doesn’t have a soul. In my opinion, killing animals for food or sport is wrong. I still miss meat, but my family has gotten used to me not eating meat with them.

  On our way, we stopped at a photo booth. We decided to take pictures in the booth. At first Cousin Ray declined to have his picture taken.

“Ray-Gun, please don’t do this to us,” Mindy pleaded, “just do this for me. And please smile.”

Cousin Ray gave in and went through with it.

  The pictures cost a dollar for four takes. I took a picture with T.R. and Jordan first. The grown-ups were second. Then we split up in groups. I took a photo with Daddy, T.R. and Jordan, and Cousin Ray taking a picture with Mindy; it went on like this until everyone had their picture taken. On the last picture, we had to cram into the photo booth. We smiled as our pictures were being taken. After the photos, we went to the Seven-Eleven and brought some sodas and two beers for Mindy and Daddy. Cousin Ray rarely drinks alcoholic beverages, except on special occasions. The last time my cousin drank was at a tavern in Charleston. My cousin remembered the time his was drunk and got into a fight with another man for bullying him and his friends. Cousin Ray got sick and threw up in the tavern.

My cousin has drunk in moderation ever since.

  The sun was setting and we were all feeling sleepy. Cousin Ray decided that it was time for us to go home. We got into the van and drove back home. During the trip home, I looked at the pictures of my family and myself. One of the pictures that made me look over was that of Cousin Ray and Mindy. Mindy and Cousin Ray were just being like any ordinary couple in love. On the last photo, Cousin Ray was giving Mindy a kiss on her cheek.

  I remembered back on what my cousin said about being free to kiss any woman in the world and not having to marry her like people had back in 14th century Italy. But this wasn’t 14th century Italy, this was 21st century America. My cousin was kissing a woman he was going to marry and there was nothing I could do to stop it from happening or change his mind.

  Cousin Ray drove Mindy back to her apartment. Cousin Ray got out of the van and opened the door for Mindy. Mindy got out as Cousin Ray walked her to the front door. Out the window, I saw them talking and laughing.

‘I had a great time, Ray-Gun,” Mindy said kindly.

Cousin Ray was reddening when he talked.

“Anytime, my dear,” was my cousin’s reply.

“I can’t believe that we’re getting married next summer and moving to Atlanta in the autumn. A new life together; we’re so young.”

Cousin Ray sighed deeply. “I know. I’ve known you for years, Mindy. You were my best friend, and now you’re going to be my wife. I never planned to fall in love with you. What do you think our marriage with come out of?”

Mindy took a brief moment to speak.

“I’m not sure if they’ll be time for a family where we’re going. We’ll be so busy with our new jobs and all; I’m not sure having a baby would be possible. We’re young and the long hours at work. I’m just not ready to be a mother just yet.”

“We’ll just put off having a family for a year and just focus on our careers. You don’t have to worry, my honey.”

“Bullcrap! I’ve heard that same phrase from many guys thousands of time.”

   Cousin Ray swept Mindy off her feet and into his arms. Cousin Ray placed Mindy’s back against the door, dipped her just a midway and kissed her. Mindy embraced Cousin Ray and gave in to the rapture. After the kiss, Mindy told Cousin Ray goodnight. She gave him one last kiss before going inside. Cousin Ray said goodnight as Mindy went inside for the night.

   Cousin Ray smiled as he walked back to the van. I saw the glow upon his face. It was the glow of love. As Cousin Ray got inside, he glanced at me.

“I can’t help that I love her more than you,” he told me. “Butterfly, I’ll always love you as my dear sweet cousin. You’ll always be my cousin. I’ll wait the day when I’ll see you and your family at the wedding.”

“Yes,” I answered. “Next summer—-“

“July 4th.”

“Your birthday, why?”

“No reason. Just a day I love so much ever since I came to America. Next year I’ll become a US citizen. I’ve just began to experience life, now I’ve going to live it to the fullest. I’ve been studying to get my citizenship for so many years now. Now it’s going to happen. I’m a man of two worlds; Canada and America.”

I fell asleep after Cousin Ray spoke to me. It was that Daddy woke me up that we were back at the house. Still sleepy, I struggled to walk inside. Inside, I went upstairs to bed. I opened the door to my bedroom and stepped inside. I focused my eyes on an envelope on my bed. Miss Carla somehow had somehow went into my room and placed the envelope on my bed. There was a sticky note on the envelope from Miss Carla:

Your friend Anna came by today. I told her that you were at the beach with your family. She seemed very sad when she gave me the note. Her eyes were red and she sounded very tried. I asked her what was the matter was; she just told me to give you this note. It isn’t like Anna to be sad like this since she met you. I don’t know what’s happened to her. Please read this letter in the morning.

Miss Carla

  I peeled the sticky note off the envelope. Written on the front of the envelope was: To Butterfly Taylor, From Anna Knight.

  A dark cloud was creeping around me as I held Anna’s letter. I turned on the light as I ripped opened the envelope and pulled out the letter. I begin reading Anna’s letter.

To be continued/Stay Tuned!

What the future may bring?

Published November 14, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I don’t know what the future may bring.

What I do know is that I can’t waste my time and life sitting around doing nothing.

My birthday is coming soon and I have to shape up and fly right.

I am thankful that God has given me another year to make things right.

I am thankful for being alive in this world.

Now I have to make something more of myself.

Stay Tuned!

Kev Bounce

Published November 12, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hmmm, what does it mean?

I found it on an old bottle pop. I wonder what it could be. What do you think it is?

Send in a post to give me a hint to this phrase.

But please, keep it at the PG level.

Stay Tuned!

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