Saint Sugar(Poem)

Published October 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Since there aren’t many Hispanic girls who are heroes, I decided to post a poem just for the fun of it. This poem is dedicated to Jesse. Enjoy.

Yo soy dulce como el azúcar! (I am sweet as sugar!)

 I am a friend, a sister and a daughter.

People love me for my heart.

When I transform from my schoolgirl uniform into my super heroine costume,

The bad guys know that I won’t be sweet on them.


I am the sweet princess known as ‘Saint Sugar’.


I work in my daddy’s sweet shop,

Making pasties and sweets and serve them with every smile.

My daddy doesn’t know that his sweet little lady is known by the news is no other than

‘Saint Sugar’.


Guided by my guardian angel and my magic purple emerald ring,

I sweep the bad guys off their feet.

In a heartbeat, with my moves.

As I deliver sweets door to door on my bike

With a smile,

People think that I’m just a chipper 12-year old,

But I’ll never tell them.


The sweet smiling delivery girl is the sweet princess known as ‘Saint Sugar’.

Stay Tuned!

This poem is for entrainment purposes only and is not meant  to offend any minority groups.


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