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Such Sweet Sorrow(Chap.11)

Published October 30, 2009 by ladyserenity92

  For two weeks, I kept a ritual of talking to my cousin and stealing romantic kisses from him. It would always be midnight when I had talks with him. Cousin Ray has insomnia and has trouble falling asleep. Every night he reads books, play the piano; or once in a while he’ll watch a little television or listen to the radio. Before we came, Cousin Ray would talk to Miss Carla before she went home for the night.

   I found Cousin Ray on the couch along with Smokie and Potato watching television. When Cousin Ray saw me, he smiled and cleared a spot for me on the couch. Cousin Ray kissed me on the nose when I sat down.

“Hello, my honey.” Cousin Ray said.

 “Hi, Ray-Gun.” I answered, giving him a kiss right back.

   My cousin Ray and I were falling secretly in love each day. To keep our love hidden from our family, we would visit each other at nighttime to have long conversions and share meaningful kisses on the couch. Cousin Ray and I knew we were in love and did everything to keep our love hidden in the dark.

    Cousin Ray held me in his arms as we talked. “You sure like to pick young lilies like me in your garden, don’t you?” I asked. Cousin Ray gave a lighthearted chuckle. “I already found one in my own family. You are the most beautiful lily that I ever found in my garden.” Cousin Ray and I goofed around for a while. He asked me for a kiss. I refused. He pinned me down on the couch.

“Tell me you love me more than an angel loves cake,” he ordered playfully.

“No!” I giggled.

“Say it!”

“No way, Jay! Let go of me.”

“Well, I won’t let you go. You are my salve and I am your captor.”

“Okay. I love you more than an angel loves cake!”

“And more than a monkey loves bananas?”

He released me and I slapped him. “Ow. Why’d you do that?” he asked, rubbing his face. I threw my arms around my cousin’s neck and stroked his face. I glanced at Cousin Ray and told him, “you know, I think you should grow a beard. You would look handsome with a beard.” Cousin Ray looked amazed. “A beard?” he asked. “I might one day.” I laughed as Cousin Ray let me go. We talked, watch TV. and played with Potato and Smokie till three in the morning. Before I went to bed, Cousin Ray gave me one last goodnight kiss. I dashed upstairs to my room, thinking about the ravenous I had.

   I had to face the reality of Sunday. Miss Carla woke me up for church. It was a scramble to get ready for church. The church Cousin Ray was taking us was a Catholic church. Cousin Ray normally isn’t a religious person, but he sometimes made time to fit church into his busy schedule. As for my family, it was true that my daddy was once a Catholic and Momma was a Baptist; both my parents believed that it was improper to push faith into kids at a young age. My daddy always said that when a child is mature enough, then they can decide for themselves. I never had Communion nor been Baptized. Maybe someday I’ll choose my faith to follow. But for now, I want to live my life the way I want.

   Sunday Mass was an eye-opener for me and my family. My sister and I had to wear white headscarves over our heads before we went inside. The priest of the church gave sermons and my family and I sang hymns. Jordan was bored and sleepy from the service. Jordan was glad when the service was over.

    After Mass was over, Cousin Ray drove us to a Chinese restaurant to meet up with Mindy. Mindy invited Cousin Ray and us over for Sunday supper to meet with her family. Mindy goes to a Baptist church and is a Baptist herself.

    The restaurant was called ‘The Jade Dragon’. As we arrived inside, Jordan and T.R. fell in love with the koi pond that was inside. Daddy had to pull my brother and sister from the pond just to eat.

   We sat at the table where Mindy’s family was. At the table, Mindy introduced her parents and her brother to us. Mindy’s mother was a teacher and her daddy was a psychiatrist. Her brother was named Eric and he recently came back overseas from the war. I noticed that Eric had lost his left arm. Jordan notice that, too and was going to put his foot in his mouth by asking Eric a question about losing his arm.

   Eric saw the looks on our faces and spoke. “You’re wondering why I lost my arm?” he said gently. Eric explained that when he saw two kids walking in the path of a landmine, he dove in to stop them. Eric fell on his left arm and the landmine detonated. Eric was held a hero for his sacrifice and was given a medal and an honorable discharge. The point of it was that the two kids Eric saved didn’t know that there was a landmine in front of their path.

   When supper was served, Mindy’s dad spoke to me.

“So, you’re Butterfly?” he asked.

“Yes, sir.” I replied.

“Raymond has told me about you, luv. I heard from him that you are a clever young woman. I remember my daughter like that when she was sixteen. Mindy was a free spirit and independent. Mindy was very free spirited at sixteen. I could never tame her.”

“Dad, cut it out,” Mindy groaned. “I don’t need you to flatter me. I’m an adult now.”

“Well, can’t a father help it to flatter his own daughter once in a while?”

“Honey,” Mindy’s mother warned. And sure enough, Mindy’s dad dropped the flattery.

   I saw Mindy glancing at Cousin Ray as she ate. She blushed at seeing my cousin. I studied at Mindy’s body language. I was so entranced by Mindy’s lamb eyes, that I didn’t notice her mother was passing me a bowl of noodles. I thanked her, taking my share. Mindy set her knife and fork down to speak.

“I have an announcement to make,” Mindy said.

We stopped eating to listen to the news. Mindy took a breath and told us the news. “I’ve always wanted to live in Atlanta so much. It has been my dream to live in the city. There was an opening for lawyers in South Carolina. Actually, there were only a few. There was a lottery for us at the law office for the job in Atlanta. Four people got the job; I was one of them. I’m going to Atlanta!”

We all cheered for joy. “Sis, that’s wonderful,” Eric told her. “Congratulations!”

“Sweetheart, I’m so happy for you. My girl’s going to Atlanta,” Mindy’s dad added. Mindy added something that we didn’t expect coming. She looked at Cousin Ray for him to speak the news. Cousin Ray thought of what to say to us. He found his answer.

“Mindy isn’t the only one that was accepted for the position in Atlanta,” Cousin Ray said. “I was also accepted for the opening in Atlanta. Just like Mindy, I accepted the offer and will be going to join her there. As a matter of fact, before the job offering, Mindy and I were dating for a year. And I’m happy to announce that Mindy and I are engaged to be married in the summer of next year.”

  My heart sank to my foot. Cousin Ray never told me that Mindy was his fiancée. He referred Mindy to us as his friend and associate. I felt a stake being nailed into my heart. How could my own cousin betray me like this? Cousin Ray was supposed to love me. As my family celebrated the news, I felt like crying. I was losing the love of my life.

  That night, I let the fire fly as I confronted my cousin.

“Ray, what the hell! I chastised. “You didn’t tell me you were engaged to Mindy. How could you lie to me like that?”

“I was mixed up, honey,” Cousin Ray told me. “I was in love with Mindy until you came. I’m sorry that I took advantage of you. I didn’t know what came over me.”

“I thought you loved me, Ray. You lied to me about Mindy. Why couldn’t you tell me the truth?”

Cousin Ray looked at me and sighed. “It’s true that Mindy and I were friends. But somewhere, Mindy and I feel in love; I knew that Mindy was the one for me. Butterfly, I felt a love for you in my heart just like I felt a love for Mindy. I have to choose between you or her.”

“Who do you choose?” I asked, raising my voice.

“Sheila, I know that you love me,” Cousin Ray replied, “But I’m your cousin, and we can only be cousins. What we’re doing is wrong and it has to stop. If we continue with this relationship, it could destroy our family and our reputations could be ruined. Once our reputations are ruined, it can never be fixed. I’m ending this relationship and choosing Mindy.”

   I felt the ground giving way from under me. I felt pain and anger boil inside me. It was like living inside a horror movie. “No, Ray,” I began, “It’s nothing to be ashamed about. Cousins can get married. You could marry me and we’ll live happily; just you and me. Please understand—-“  Cousin Ray shot out his arm in front of me. I got out of his way.

“Of course they’ll understand,” Cousin Ray shouted, “You’re crazy, Butterfly! You can’t give me a life. You’re my cousin, goddamn it! Get it through your head, I am not your boyfriend; I’m your cousin! So get the idea of marrying me out of your teenage mind and just fuck it, okay! Fuck it!” My family and Miss Carla came pouring downstairs and stood dead at us.

   Cousin Ray saw my family and Miss Carla and felt his heart sank. In the thirty years of his life, Cousin Ray had never swore. Not ever. Cousin Ray looked at me, my family and Miss Carla. Cousin Ray turned to my direction.

“Butterfly, I’m sorry,” he stammered.

“You bastard, I hate you!” I shouted. I turned and ran upstairs.

“Butterfly,” Daddy called.

   I ran in my room, threw myself upon my bed and sobbed. I cried so hard for a long time. I thought about Cousin Ray and Mindy. The smiles painted on their faces; and the happiness that they received after their announcement of their engagement. I cried myself to sleep, thinking about losing my beloved cousin to the woman who offered him more happiness than me.

To be continued/Stay Tuned!

Roman Holiday (Movie Review)

Published October 29, 2009 by ladyserenity92

  Princess Anne longs to be free from the place walls. After suffering a breakdown, she rebels and runs away. Sleeping on a bench, she meets an upbeat and bewildered newspaper reporter, who pretends to ignore Princess Anne’s true identity. Along with a carefree cameraman, the two set off on an adventure of a lifetime. At the crossroads, the two lovers must part and go their separate ways.

   Roman Holiday stars Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck as two star-crossed lovers who take an adventure in the by-gone days of 1950’s Rome. A heartfelt and touching romantic comedy, the film deals with sensitive and personal issues, such as self-discovery, duty, and letting go.

   Roman Holiday is a movie that adults and children can watch and discuss together. This film is sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face for years to come.


My rating: A

Stay Tuned!

Blood and Chocolate (Book Review)

Published October 28, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I just finished reading Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate. I thought I would like it. As it turned out, I found the novel to be flat and boring. Blood and Chocolate felt like it was written by a teenager living in the 90’s. Oh, wait. It was written in the 90’s.

Despite the sensuality and the suspense that it offers, this was one the weakest young adult novels that Ms. Klause has written.

   I wanted excitement, action and romance; this entire novel has offered me is a silly childish suburban fairy tale that even a 10 year old would chuck out. After this ‘junk food’ novel, Ms. Klause may have decided that the book writing business wasn’t for her.

   Blood and Chocolate is one bittersweet coming of age romantic-fantasy novel that will leave you with a bitter aftertaste. Reader’s discretion is a must; you will be bored after reading this novel.

My rating: C+

Stay tuned!

English Roads(Song)

Published October 27, 2009 by ladyserenity92

English Roads is nearly set to the tune of John Denver’s ‘Country Roads’ This song is for entrainment purposes only and is not intended to offend people nor promote tourism to a certain area of a country. Please enjoy.


English roads, take me home.

To a place I belong.

Manchester, England.

Great Britain.

Take me home, English roads.


On the corner, there’s a sweet shop,

That sells cola that tastes like sweet ambrosia.

Along the road is the bookshop,

That is run by the Pearl Queen.


English roads, I long to go,

To the place I belong.

Down the daisy covered hills.

I long for my home, on English roads.


Rainy days and Sunday summer tea.

Mum and Dad.

And autumn drives with Grand and Granddad.

These sweet memories are all there in my heart.


English roads, (English roads).

Take me home.

To a place I call home.

Sweet Manchester, I long for my home.


I’ll see you someday, English roads.


Stay Tuned!


Such Sweet Sorrow(chap.10)

Published October 25, 2009 by ladyserenity92

For the rest of the morning Anna hung around. The reason for this was Anna’s brother was at work and wouldn’t be home until late in the evening. The divorce was heavy on my mind and the minds of my brother and sister. Jordan couldn’t watch cartoons, and T.R. played with Potato and Smokie to ease her mind. We were in our own world of childhood.

Saturday to me was one of the most boring days that the weekend offered. The four of us sat on the porch until noon. We heard the front door open and close. We stopped what we were doing and saw Cousin Ray.

Cousin Ray told us, “I know a secret place we can go to.”

We studied Cousin Ray, believing that he was pulling our leg. Cousin Ray read our minds by the looks on our faces.

“It isn’t anything weird or inappropriate,” he continued, “It’s just a place that I always come to when I’m down. I shared this place with no one; now I’m sharing it with you kids. What do you say?” We wanted to see the secret place Cousin Ray was talking about. Without a second thought, we decided to go with Cousin Ray to his secret place.

     It took us three blocks to get to the secret place. Before we left, Cousin Ray made T.R. leave her pocket phone behind. We were sad that Potato and Smokie couldn’t come along with us, but they understood.

   When we got to the secret place, it was like a Southern castle. The castle was really a mansion that was abandoned many years ago. The mansion had a white picket fence all around the yard. Opening the gate, Cousin Ray showed us the front porch. The front porch had a porch swing.  In the backyard was a magnolia tree with a swing on its branch. To the left of the yard was a peach tree with real peaches that were the size of snow globes.

   Inside the mansion was a love seat, a couch and a working harpsichord that still worked, in spite of the fact that it was old. Above our heads was a crystal chandelier. The five of us explored the mansion from the staircase, to the bedroom; everywhere we wanted to see. Cousin Ray looked at us and asked, “So, what do you think about my secret place?”

Anna looked at Cousin Ray and smiled. She answered,” It’s remarkable!”


    All afternoon, we had a party. We took turns on the tree swing, reaching for the magnolia flower that was on the branch. On the porch swing, as the swing swayed, it gave way and broke. We laughed at what happened. Next, Cousin Ray showed us how to make flower wreaths to go upon our heads. Cousin Ray told T.R., Anna and me that if we placed the wreaths under our pillow at night and sleep on the pillow, would have dreams of our future husbands.

“I want to have a doctor for a husband, just like my daddy.” T.R. announced, placing the wreath on her head.

“Yeah. A gynecologist who’s a skirt chaser.” Anna joked lightheartedly.

We laughed at Anna’s joke. I scoffed.

“Well, my husband (or wife) will be whatever they want to be, as long as they can cook and clean when I come home from work.”

Cousin Ray was stunned. “Wife, Butterfly?”

   Jordan placed his wreath on the ground. “When I grow up, I’m never getting married and having kids.” Jordan turned to Anna and asked her, “What will your husband be, Anna?” With the wreath on her head, Anna replied,” Whatever he will be.” Outside, the five of us did a Maypole dance under the magnolia tree(either though it was July.) As the day winded down, we went over to the peach tree and took ten peaches off the branch to snack on.

    Inside the mansion, Cousin Ray played his guitar and I played the harpsichord. As the music played, I sang ‘Such Sweet Sorrow.’ As I sang, fresh tears came into my eyes. I thought about being seven years old and Cousin Ray singing me that song. After the song ended, we heard Anna crying. I saw her hiding her face in her hands, sobbing. I noticed a digital tape recorder next to her. I went over to Anna, just as T.R. and Jordan comforted her. I scooted down and placed my hand on Anna’s shoulder.

“Anna,” I began, “I know it’s a sad song. You have a right to cry, Sweetie.”

Anna dried her eyes and gazed up at me. “It’s not that the song is sad,” she explained. “It’s just that I’m happy. It was such a beautiful song. Could I trouble you with a request?” Anna was looking at Cousin Ray when she asked.

“Whatever you want, sweetheart.” was Cousin Ray’s reply.

“Could you play ‘Never my love’ and this time may I sing and T.R. play the harpsichord? Just this once?”

    I saw the digital recorder beside Anna and thought about the ‘request’. Back then, I didn’t understand Anna’s request. After she left, I finally knew the truth of her request.

Cousin Ray studied Anna’s face and came to a decision.

“Request granted”, Cousin Ray smiled.

   I let T.R. take my place on the chair in front of the harpsichord. T.R. was a wiz on the piano at our family’s apartment. Although I play both the guitar and the piano combined, it was nothing compared to my little sister’s key work. Anna stood up to join my sister and Cousin Ray. Anna stood next to T.R. and held the device in her hand like a microphone. T.R. and Cousin Ray began the music, as Anna stared to sing:

You ask me if there’ll come a time,

when I’ll grow tried of you.

Never my love

Never my love

What would you think,

When I ask you to spend your whole life with me?

   Anna’s sweet voice blended in with the music. Anna never told me that she could sing like an angel. At the closing of the song, Anna gave one of the sweetest notes in her voice. After the song ended, we applaud. “That was a great song, Anna.” Cousin Ray complemented. “Thank you, Mr. Ray,” Anna whispered.

Before we went home, we took the rest of the peaches from the peach tree for the road. As we walked home, T.R. spoked to Anna. “I think you have a nice voice, Miss Anna. I think you should be a movie star.”

“A movie star?” Anna began.

“Or better yet, you could be on YouTube. I love your voice.”

“And I love your playing. I wish I could learn how to play by ear like you do.”

Anna and T.R. kept chatting until we went our separate ways. T.R. looked at me and told me that Anna was the nicest girls that she ever met. “I love Anna Knight,” my sister said, “I’m so glad that she’s our friend. Inside Cousin Ray’s house, I thought about Anna. Anna was indeed a sweet person that ever came into our lives. I couldn’t imagine my life without Anna. “I love Anna, too,” I told my sister. Miss Carla and Daddy saw the peaches we had. Miss Carla took them and made peach cobbler out of them.

To Be continued/Stay Tuned

Saint Beauty(Poem)

Published October 24, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I am only sixteen.

To you I am an ugly duckling on the outside.

 But my outer appearance can be deceiving.

By the light of the full moon, I transform into a beautiful sawn.

I am the swan known as ‘Saint Beauty.’


Although I live alone and run a flower shop in town,

I rely on myself and the memory of my parents to keep me alive.

I only see the inner beauty of the good

And the mask of the ugly who are wicked.


My job is to protect the weak, the innocent and the helpless.

I come to the aid of people with the help of my magic mirror;

At most times, I sneak a glance at my lover

Within the glass refection.


To you, I’m a nobody.

Working in a flower shop

And walking down the halls of school.

But my appearance can be deceiving.


By the light of the moon,

I transform into a beautiful swan.

I am the swan known as ‘Saint Beauty’.

Stay Tuned!













A Moment of Bliss

Published October 23, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Twin sisters Re-Re and Ke-Ke always loved home-school with Miss Starfire. Miss Starfire always taught the sisters math, reading, science; everything that a home-school teacher of wisdom wanted to pass down to their students.


   One day, Miss Starfire wanted to teach her student’s something a bit new. She thought of what to teach Re-Re and Ke-Ke. In her dream, Miss Starfire found herself in a library with selves filled with books. Every book Miss Starfire opened had blank pages.

   A voice whispered out to Miss Starfire, “Only you can fill in the words to this book in your own voice. You can write whatever is in your heart.”

   Miss Starfire found herself in her bedroom with her diary next to her on her pillow. Miss Starfire had found her answer. “I’ll teach the girls how to write in a journal!” she cried.



   The next day Miss Starfire drove Re-Re and Ke-Ke downtown the local stationery store. It was a blessing for Miss Starfire to find such a store in a time of technology and computers. Inside the store there was paper, pens, pencils; every nook and instrument that a person needed to write or send to. Miss Starfire led the girls to the aisle where the journals were kept.

“Re-Re asked Miss Starfire, “Why are we in this aisle?”

Miss Starfire gave Re-Re a wink and a warm smile like a rabbit in the moon. “I am going to teach you and your sister how to keep a diary.”

“A what?” Ke-Ke asked, stunned.

   Miss Starfire explained, “A diary is a book that you write everyday. When an idea or thought comes into your head, you write those thoughts in a diary. Many people have kept a diary. Anne Frank kept one and now you two can have a diary of your own”

“Really,” the girls said in unison, “We can?”

Miss Starfire nodded. “You can write whatever or draw whatever you want. Any diary you want, I’ll buy it for you; no matter the cost.” Re-Re and Ke-Ke both smiled with delight and joy as they studied all of the diaries from cover to cover. Re-Re and Ke-Ke each picked out a diary to use and showed them to Miss Starfire.

   Miss Starfire paid for the two diaries and had them gift wrapped and stamped with the name of the sisters on each one.

   After they were outside, Miss Starfire handed the diaries over to Re-Re and Ke-Ke. Miss Starfire gave the girls this word, “Now I want you two to promise me that you will write in your diaries everyday and show me what you wrote when the time comes.  You girls must keep your word and don’t stop until you’re finished. If you girls can finish your books, I will take you out for sundaes at Baskin Robin’s. Is it a deal?”

“Deal,” the sisters replied together.

Miss Starfire continued, “Today is April 1st. I will give you girls until June 1st to finish.”

Without another word, Miss Starfire walked the girls to her car and took them to a local diner for lunch.



  That evening, Re-Re and Ke-Ke retreated to their room, Re-Re sat at her desk and opened up her diary. Re-Re began to write in her diary. On her bed, Ke-Ke drew a picture of herself dancing. Every night, the girls worked on their diaries. Re-Re wrote stories and poems; while Ke-Ke drew pictures Day and night, they wrote and drew in their diaries for two months. Re-Re wrote in her diary and Ke-Ke drew in hers. Ke-Ke loved liked to draw more than write.



   On the last day of May, Re-Re and Ke-Ke watched a play on TV about an emperor who gave his three sons each a notebook to write in. The emperor told his three sons to write what made them happy. The eldest son wrote poems in his notebook; the second drew pictures of plants and animals and wrote a description for them, and the third son wrote about what was happening to him in his life and drew pictures.

    At the end of the play, the emperor gave the crown to the youngest son. Though the emperor’s eyes, the youngest son was the only one that spoke from his heart by writing secrets that he never told anyone.

     As Re-Re took her nap, Ke-Ke snuck into the bedroom and took her sister’s diary. As Ke-Ke read her sister’s book, she was stunned at how beautiful her sister’s penmenship was. Ke-Ke knew in her heart that she couldn’t compare to her older sister’s diary.

“My sister’s diary is so amazing,” Ke-Ke spoke to herself, “all I ever did for two months was draw silly pictures that Miss Starfire will scold me for and my sister will make fun of me for. I don’t want to show my book to Miss Starfire or to Re-Re.”

   But Ke-Ke knew that she made a promise to Miss Starfire to hand over her diary on the first day of June. Ke-Ke went back to her room and tried to place Re-Re’s diary back under the bed. Re-Re woke up to see her sister with her diary in her hand.

“Ke-Ke, what are you doing with my journal?” Re-Re asked, alarmed.

Ke-Ke was ashamed at what she had done. “I wanted to see what you wrote, so I took your journal and read what you wrote. I’m sorry.”

  Re-Re felt a flame of anger at what her young sister had done. Instead of lashing and cuffing her sister on the ear, Re-Re gave her sister a hug and told her, “That’s okay. I forgive you.”

  As a punishment, Ke-Ke handed over her diary to her older sister. Re-Re saw the drawings and smiled. “I like your drawings, Ke-Ke. They’re remarkerful.”

Ke-Ke thanked her sister with a pumpkin smile. Ke-Ke looked over the pages of her diary once more and began to realize how beautiful her drawings were.



   June 1st came. The time had come for the sisters to show Miss Starfire the diaries that they worked on. Re-Re handed her diary over to Miss Starfire first. Miss Starfire read the diary from cover to cover. After she finished, Miss Starfire thanked Re-Re and told her that her diary was very lovely.

   Ke-Ke’s turn was next. Miss Starfire studied Ke-Ke’s drawings from cover to cover. When Miss Starfire was through, she looked at Ke-Ke and gently replied, “Your pictures are nice, Ke-Ke. If you practice and polish on your drawings every day, they’ll turn out lovelier than before.”

 There was a pause.

  Ke-Ke felt tears burning in her eyes. Then a tear fell from her eye. Soon more tears followed. Ke-Ke began to cry bitterly.

“Ke-Ke, don’t cry,” Re-Re soothed.

“I knew my pictures were ugly,” Ke-Ke sobbed. “I hate my pictures.”

“Your pictures are not ugly, sweetie,” Miss Starfire spoke, kindly to Ke-Ke.

Ke-Ke dried her eyes and stopped crying.

Miss Starfire went on, “I know that you tried your best and I see it in your drawings. Ke-Ke, you can’t always be perfect. No one can. When I was your age, I was a junior swimmer. I loved to swim, but I had trouble trying to float on the water

   “One day, I almost floated on the water in the pool and I almost swam. For some reason, I almost drowned. My swim coach had to rescue me out of the water. I cried so hard that my tears could have flooded the swimming pool and all of Toronto. My Swim Coach told me to get dressed so he could have a talk with me. After I got dressed, he took me to his office and gave me a mug of hot chocolate. He told me a poem that he once heard from his teacher as a little boy:


When we want something, but do not get it.

When we fight to win, but end up losing. When love has turned to hate and the rain has dominated the sun; then we know that our moment of bliss hasn’t come yet.

We must be patience like seeds in the ground on a winter day for our bliss to come.

We must work hard and take a beating from the rod of life.

We must pray to the saints to help us and not give up hope.

Beyond the rain, there is a rainbow.

Until the rainbow comes, we must wait for our moment of bliss.

A moment of bliss is only a day away.


   After Miss Starfire finished, she told, Ke-Ke, “Someday, your moment of bliss will come. It just takes time, dear. You’ll see”

Ke-Ke knew Miss Starfire was right. Miss Starfire read the sisters’ minds when she said, “Now let’s go get some ice cream!”



   That night, as the whole apartment slept, Ke-Ke woke up and went over to her desk. Ke-Ke opened her desk drawer and pulled out four sheets of blank paper and a box of crayons. Laying them on the desk, she thought about what to draw. As Ke-Ke thought about what to draw, she thought about Miss Starfire’s words of wisdom. The words stayed fresh in Ke-Ke’s mind. Miss Starfire’s right, Ke-Ke said in thought, someday my moment of bliss will come. But first, I have to practice real hard for it to come.

   Summer vacation would soon be here. Ke-Ke knew that she and her sister would never see Miss Starfire again until autumn. Ke-Ke knew what she would draw and who to give the picture to. Ke-Ke began to draw Miss Starfire.



Author’s note


   This story takes place in modern-day Canada. In a time of technology and computers, many people nowadays have blogs and emails. I wanted to write a story about the power of writing in a journal though the eyes of a little girl. I decided to have two Black girls and a half-Native American/ half  White  neo-hippie teacher take part in the story.

  Some people would think of a non-tech person who writes in a journal as an ‘old-timer’. But a journal can be a helpful tool. As I wrote this story, I thought about one person who is a  diary writer at heart. I dedicate this story to Miss Orpah Winfrey. 

Stay Tuned!


Stay Tuned!

Saint Sugar(Poem)

Published October 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Since there aren’t many Hispanic girls who are heroes, I decided to post a poem just for the fun of it. This poem is dedicated to Jesse. Enjoy.

Yo soy dulce como el azúcar! (I am sweet as sugar!)

 I am a friend, a sister and a daughter.

People love me for my heart.

When I transform from my schoolgirl uniform into my super heroine costume,

The bad guys know that I won’t be sweet on them.


I am the sweet princess known as ‘Saint Sugar’.


I work in my daddy’s sweet shop,

Making pasties and sweets and serve them with every smile.

My daddy doesn’t know that his sweet little lady is known by the news is no other than

‘Saint Sugar’.


Guided by my guardian angel and my magic purple emerald ring,

I sweep the bad guys off their feet.

In a heartbeat, with my moves.

As I deliver sweets door to door on my bike

With a smile,

People think that I’m just a chipper 12-year old,

But I’ll never tell them.


The sweet smiling delivery girl is the sweet princess known as ‘Saint Sugar’.

Stay Tuned!

This poem is for entrainment purposes only and is not meant  to offend any minority groups.

12 Angry Men (Movie Review)

Published October 21, 2009 by ladyserenity92

When an 18-year old young man is on trial for the murder of his father, twelve men are chosen to serve on the jury to decide the young man’s fate. Eleven nameless jurors are convinced that the defendant is guilty of the crime; but the twelfth has no doubt that the young man is innocent.

   Slowly, the twelfth man begins to change the hearts and minds of the other jurors. When one stone-hearted juror is torn between choosing to go with the guilty verdict, the other men make him search into his own heart to reveal a painful secret he has hidden.

   12 Angry men gives a distinctive performance with its cast of actors whose character is perfect in every detail. The film is powerful, suspenseful and extremely fascinating.  Henry Fonda gives a fantastic performance as the twelfth juror who convinces the eleven men to challenge the outcome of the young man’s crime.

    Full of drama, power and emotion, 12 Angry Men is an exciting impact of 11 men steering to the same conclusion as the twelfth man. One of the best films that no one should afford to miss.


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   There is a 2009 Russian remake called ‘12’. I’ll give a review on the remake once I have a hold of the DVD.

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Published October 19, 2009 by ladyserenity92

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