The Lion’s Eulogy

Published August 27, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This  post is dedicated to the family of Sen. Ted Kennedy and to Ted himself.

The life of the last prince of the American kingdom of Camelot came to a close. Massachusetts Sen. Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy passed on in the last hour of Tuesday. He was 77. The youngest son of nine children, Sen Kennedy had the spirit of a lion. Brave, free-spirited; in the Kennedy family dynasty the free-spirited boy grew into a man of wisdom.

After the bitter lost of his two older brother John and Bobby, Sen. Kennedy took the crown and became the Senator of Massachusetts. Sen. Kennedy’s final unselfish act was nominating Barack Obama into the seat of the White House. In the last months of his earthly life, Ted Kennedy worked to pass a bill on free health care as his health was declining.

In the end, The Lion died in his family’s view at his home by the sea.

In a quote from his late brother, President John F. Kennedy, John once said: “We were born from the sea. When our life ends, we will return to the sea from which we came.”

Farewell, Lion of Camelot.

Sen. Ted Kennedy (1932–2009)

Stay Tuned!


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