Jumping into risky waters

Published August 26, 2009 by ladyserenity92

We are in the last days of August. The summer of ’09 is coming to a close. The summer of ’09 was a period of delays and slow post and the effectsthat I felt. The emotion and pain of losing fans and making broken promises. I felt so overwhelmed and stressed, I felt like I was losing control. I made the tough decision to rest and take a short break from blogging. As a new season comes, I feel refreshed and much more stronger like a butterfly.

The fact that I no longer have home Internet service has what made me spend more time with my family and friends. I’m much more focused on my schoolwork and often sleep a lot. I now know that my blog won’t ‘die’ and that I have to take breaks and rest so I don’t overload myself. In my self–discovery, I learned that I must put my faith, my family and friends first. I have to be more disciplined, take risk and make sacrifices.

Taking risk and making sacrifices is like interviewing Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh. He may dislike me and I may dislike him; but in the bud, the right–wing lion becomes a tamed kitten. It just takes time getting use to it. (My bad, Mr. Limbaugh. I was just using you as an example. Please forgive me.)

It has been thirteen months since I became a blogist. It’s never easy to be a blogger. Sure you may not be famous or don’t get paid for your words. (I only got a few fans myself.) But in time the reward will be worth it.

Taking chances means being unorthodox. You may post a Christmas poem in the middle of March or you may give a singing review on YouTube. In order to run a blog, you have to jump off the cliff and into the river  like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I confess to anyone reading this post that I sometimes write on paper before posting what I have written on the blog. I am a rare breed of blogist who still do that.

A person wanting to host a blog or a first-time blogist may hear a voice of reasoning and self-doubt, chastising  that person: No one will read your blog, there are too many blogs out there for you; no weblog for you, oh, give it up, honey. No one isn’t interested in your dumb, weak blog.

Well, you tell that voice to shut it, shut up and nip it.

Stop making up excuses and host your blog. If you don’t want to have a blog, wait until you’re ready. You have to think in advance what you want to blog about. My advice is to write down the post first on clean paper, then type it on the post. Just take your time. In fact, read a book about blogging or surf the net. They are even classes about blogging. Most of the time, you get a blog as a gift for participating. Where did you think I started out being a blogger?

Overtime, some people(like me) can have a weakness. Try to get over it before it controls you.

Before placing a post, do your research and your homework. See what will fly and what will crash. The most important part of running a blog is to do heavy research on what to post. You have to take risk in order to be a better blogist. You need commitment, the heart and the soul. Bottom line: post from the heart. The heart is what readers and fans of weblogs loves about.

You/you and your group hold(s) the key(s) of opportunity of the faith of your weblog. Will you jump in the water and take the risk?

The choice is yours, my friends.

Stay Tuned!

This commitary is for entertainment purposeses only. The views and opinions exspressed does not reflect on wordpress.com, ladyserenity.wordpress.com or the blogger herself.


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