Vampire Knight (Manga review)

Published August 25, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Childhood friends and Cross Academy school guardians Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are two teenagers who protect the day class from the night class. When twilight comes, the night class crosses the paths of the day class. Besides Yuki and Zero, the day class is blind to the hidden and dark secret: The night class is really a class full of young men and women who are vampires.

Vampire Knight has part action, part romance and part horror that is in the style of the Twilight novel saga. At first the book is slow, but after a few pages the action picks up steam. This manga from Matsuri Hino is a bit weak and fans of the Twilight and other teen and tween vampire stories will like this favorite, but this is not for readers that are sensitive, impressible or under 14 due to the innuendo and graphic violence.

Yuki Cross is a fighter without a past. Something that girls will like; as as her love interest Zero. Not the best, but a less tame for fans wanting to fill the void of Twilight, those who want to read vampire comics aimed at young readers and fans waiting for the release of the Anime version of Vampire Knight.

My Rating: B+

Stay Tuned!


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