“Every night he makes love to me”

Published August 24, 2009 by ladyserenity92

What comes to mind when people think of that phrase? I think Yosuke would say that about John, or Mrs. Chase when she talks about Arron. Is it heterosexual bliss, homosexual bliss or marital bliss. What do you think this phrase means to you. Tell me about it in your post. As long as it is from a PG to a PG-13 level. No explicit, erotic, or graphic description of sexuality or anything pornographic. Just keep it clean, meaningful and soft. I want to keep this a safe place for children under 12.

I’m putting a new category on my blog call ‘Holla Back!’ Holla back is a segment in which I place a post and you the fans respond with your replies. You have given this blog a new spark.

Stay Tuned!


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