Dear CVS/Pharmacy Company

Published July 16, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Dear CVS/Pharmacy Company,

I am speaking on behap of the customerswho shop at your stores nationwide, who are also members of your Extra Bucks rewards club. We, the loyal customers(myself included) have been spending money at your store for years using your card. We as customers want to say, we have had it with being short–changed and we demand our cash back rewards, now.

Have you notice that your rival Rite Aid has a cash back refund programthat gives its customers rebate checks in the mail every time they purchase items and make daily logs with their recipes on their website? When we use your Extra Care card, all we receive in return are coupons and the saving amount that we should be getting back. I do hope that president of your company is reading this post. We want the president of CVS/Pharmacy to know of our plight with the cash back program.

Dear President, please consider and agree to update your cash back program to have a cash reward for using your card to shop at your store. Being lifelong customers, we deserve to be rewarded for shopping at your store. Dear President, hear us out. We don’t want to be rewarded with just coupons and discounts; we want to be rewarded with ‘real’ rewards. When you ad for your Extra Care cash back programsays ‘cash back guaranteed for using our card’, you must keep your promise and give us back every penny we spend in the form of a rebate check or a plastic debit cash card.

We know that America is in a recession, but isn’t it time that your company pay us back for years of using your Extra Care card? We just want our rewards for being in your program. enough is enough. We need the money from using your savings card to feed our families, pay our bills, go to college; what can coupons do for us as customers? Nothing.

Associates and President of CVS/Pharmacy, please hear our voice. We ask you to study this post and consider to ‘pay’ us for being customers of your Extra Care program. Thank you for reading and replying to this post. Please post your response on this blog. Thank you very much.


Your Loyal Customers.

Stay Tuned!


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