Key Captor

Published July 8, 2009 by ladyserenity92

On the last essay about my hobby on collecting paper currency bills, I also have another rare hobby that no one knows about because it is exclusively rare. You know what this rare hobby is?

I collect keys. (Seriously!)

I am a key captor. I find abandoned keys and take them home with me to add to my key collection. I collect money, now I collect keys. Key captor me.

What kinds of things do you collect? Tell me about your collection on this post.

Stayed Tuned!


3 comments on “Key Captor

  • Hi! I recently got my hands on a big box of old keys of all sizes and shape. What a find! Am seriously considering becoming a key capture.
    Key capture me.

    • Good for you, friend! Why not start a key collecter’s club in your town. I’m sure there are a lot of key captors that share your hobby. Someday, you might pass your love of key collecting to your children, grandchildren; who ever. Congradulatons and keep on capturing those keys. You are now an offical key captor!

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