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About Writing Therapy

Published June 21, 2009 by ladyserenity92

People often write as a way of expression, to be heard or to pass down words of wisdom. This is known as ‘writing therapy.’ For over 5,500 years, people have been practicing therapy writing. Writing therapy writing is one way of escaping from the real realm, to the realm of words on paper. Writing can be clam and soothing. Most people on writing therapy write for fun; while others write to earn a little pocket money.

Writing therapy is a non-violent way for people to express their feelings. People taking writing therapy often use sheets of paper, a notebook, and a pen/pencil. In today’s time, most use a computer and have online weblogs(blogs). With an online weblog, people are able to share their thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world.

Some famous diarist had used writing therapy. Two examples are Lady Sei Shoagon (The Pillow Book) and Anne Frank. Both books have become famous many years after both the diarists’ deaths. Few people like to ‘draw’ what they are feeling. They ‘write’ using doodles and paints. This type of therapy is called ‘art therapy.’

In order to keep the names of friends, family, (and the author’s name a secret), some writers chose to have a pen name called a pseudonym. The pseudonym is to prevent the author to not get in trouble with the public. occasionally, few people chose to write about other things besides their personal life. The author may write stories, nature references; anything that he/she would want to write about.

Writing therapy is about understanding and reflecting about the ups and downs in a person’s life. In writing therapy, the only perscrition the person needs are: a pen, a notebook and an imagination.

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