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What I did wrong/What I did right

Published June 20, 2009 by ladyserenity92

What I did wrong…

  1. I posted stories that no one isn’t reading.
  2. I started out slow and not bloging fast enough.
  3. I didn’t update my post and should’ve write what I would say.
  4. I’m feeling stupid just like the GIECO caveman and didn’t write fresh material to post on my blog.
  5. I missed out on the bandwagon and left my fans high and dry.

What I did right…

  1. I met my old friend Jesse yesterday on the bus to the bank. We talked for awhile. She got a new job and is now looking for an apartment. I wish her the best.
  2. After a three month break from writing, I’m planing to pen a story to post on the blog. But first, I have to update my previous stories on my blog. It may take a while to do so.

Oh my word! I have to get started right now.

Stayed Tuned!

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