Published June 12, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hello, fans!
Today is Friday the 12th, 2009. Thank goodness it’s not Friday the 13th. 😮
With my mom on holiday (vacation), I got to do a lot of things for myself. Independence! I first went out to sign up for a BJ’s Wholesale Club(TM) card. Before I got on the bus, I had to stop at a coffee booth to get a quick bit to eat. I met this cutie pie of a prince.

He loved books; I love books. He’s smart; I’m smart. I would like to invite him for burgers& chips (French Fries) and cherry Cokes(TM) and a movie. Sadly,the cute ‘guy’  is 11 and I’m 26 1/2. But we can only be platonic brother and sister. Although he’s sweet, I can’t break the law.

I went to BJ’s(TM) and got my card. I did some shopping. I brought pasta sauce, chocolate chip cookies, coffee; toilet paper and ground beef. And it only cost me $45.

Adam Lambert came out of the closet. Now I don’t like American Idol(TM) (too shallow), but I do like that Adam stood up and spoke from his heart. I wish you the best, Adam!

Along the way, I met a lot of people. They helped me with my groceries. I would like to thank them.

Now I am at home watching Degrassi (TM) on MTV. At least MTV did something decent for once in their life. I love Degrassi(TM). Its a show that deals with the real lives of teenagers and not apple–pie teenagers.

I hate stories that have apple–pie people. It’s just so fake.

Well, catch you on the flip side. Let’s do the time warp sometime.

Stayed Tuned!

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