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Rare Song List

Published June 1, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Here’s a list of rare songs that are rarely played on analog radio. These songs have been collecting dust for years. They are very rare in today’s world. Good luck finding these rare gems of music.

  1. Eternity— Dreams Come True
  2. Joanna, Cherish— Kool and the Gang
  3. Cry For Help, Hopelessly— Rick Ashley
  4. Mother— John Lennon
  5. The First Time (Ever I saw your face)—Roberta Flack
  6. Stay in my corner— The Dells
  7. Hummingbird— Seals & Corft
  8. Shake and Dance with me— Con Funk Shun
  9. Wildflower— Skylark or Newbirth
  10. Black butterfly, Free— Denise Williams
  11. Smooth Criminal— Micheal Jackson or Alien Art Farm
  12. Turkish March— Mozart
  13. Gloria— Enchantment
  14. Here we go again— Portrait
  15. I’m so proud— The Impressions
  16. Where the boys are— Connie Frances
  17. Double Dutch Bus— Frankie Smith
  18. Shaky Ground— The Temptations
  19. My Love, Let me be your angel— Stacy Lattisaw
  20. I’ll never let you go— Faith Evens
  21. Wildfire— Micheal Murphy
  22. Harper Vally PTA— Jeannie C. Riley
  23. A penny for your thoughts— Tavares
  24. Cloe— Elton John
  25. You can do magic— America

Stayed Tuned!

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