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Eli’s Destiny

Published April 7, 2009 by ladyserenity92

My brother Eli believes in destiny.

Every day he writes a story about what’s in his heart.

Once Eli wrote a story about me and how lucky he was to be my brother.

I love his story and believe that he’ll make a great writer.

Eli’s in college now and is working hard to make his dream come true.

My brother doesn’t show people his stories.

I’m the only one that gets to see them.

Eli’s just afraid that people will laugh and condemn him.

I tell my brother that he shouldn’t be afraid of sharing his gift to the world.

Some people are sometimes afraid of other people’s gift and don’t understand.

Eli says that he’ll keep writing and won’t give up until his destiny is fulfilled.

I have faith in my brother and his dream.

I tell him these words:

Follow your dreams and never give up.

Don’t let your dreams and destinies die like a spirit that’s forgotten.

My brother smiles at me and says, ‘I will.’


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