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My Friend Mimi (esp. 3)

Published April 3, 2009 by ladyserenity92

That night as you lay in bed, you thought about Mimi and Roland Hall. You knew a little about Mimi, but not much about Roland Hall. Roland seemed to be a nice guy. Your sister was nuts about him when she was a kid. It had been thirteen years since your sister last saw him. Roland was fifteen when he met your sister; that would make Roland twenty-eight. She must still love Mr. Hall.

“I think things will turn out in the yellow,” * you say to yourself.

You couldn’t get to sleep, so you spend some time reading Catcher in the Ryeby J.D. Salinger. You loved Catcher in the Rye and Holden Caulfield adventures in New York. You and your sister went there in 2007 for the Marcy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I wonder if you still go to New York during Thanksgiving to see the Parade.  There was a tap on your door as it opened.

Your sister stepped inside your bedroom. “I knew you’d be up, kiddo.” She went over to your bed as you continued to read your book. She sat beside you and began talking to you.

“You know tomorrow is spring break,” she said.

Spring break; a week out of school and the spring festival. Do you remember the spring festival? The festival that you used to go to when it was springtime? Hmm? You and your sister would get shopping bags and and fill it up with lots of treats and gifts that they offer for free. You both would eat and rode on the rides. And you and your sister would eat cloud candy.**

You still love cloud candy and the spring festival, do you? I hope you still do, dearest me.

“Grandma sent you a sailor piece to wear to the festival on Tuesday.” your sister reminded.

You often act like a tomboy, but you sometimes like to be a girl once in awhile. That was what your mom and sister wanted you to be. Are you still a tomboy or have you gone back to being a girl?

No matter what you become, I still love you.

” I think you should get some sleep, Bookworm.” your sister said, taking away your book.

Your sister tucked you in and gave you kisses. She shut off the light and headed for the door. Before she left you to yourself, she told you, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Goodnight,” you whispered back. After your sister’s out, you turn on you nightlight and go to sleep.

As you slept in your bed, you dreamed of the festival, dressed in your sailor clothes.


You called Mimi the next day to tell her about the festival. You let the phone ring a few times, until you heard someone on the other end.

“Kim residents?” answered a  voice.

“Is Mimi there?” you answered.

“Who am I speaking to?”


“Oh, my granddaughter’s friend. One moment, please.”

You wait for a moment for Mimi.

“Hello?” Mimi answered.

“Hey, Mimi!” you said brightly.

“Hi, Liora.”

“I want to tell you about the spring festival on Tuesday.”

“The spring festival? Tomorrow?”

“Yeah. Ask your dad if you can come with my sister and me to the festival.”

Mimi paused. “Okay. I’ll ask him. I’ll put him on the other line.”

On the end of the line, their is a brief silence.

“Liora, are you still there? My daddy says it was alright.”

You pumped your fist in the air and cried ‘yes’!


The ‘but’ killed your joy.

You asked, “But what?”

“My daddy has to make an arrangement with your sister and Mr. Hall for us to go. Father has to go to Singapore on a business trip, Grandpa has to watch over our house; and Mother’s in Thailand at a women’s conference.”

That’s was when Mr. Hall clicked in your mind.

“Who’s Mr. Hall?” you asked.

“My teacher from school. His name’s Roland.”

It hit you in the head like a boomerang. Mr. Hall was the man that your sister loved as a little girl. You knew that you had to find someway to get your sister and Mr. Hall back together.

“My daddy’s going to call your sister at four-thirty this afternoon. Okay?

“Okay. Bye, Mimi.”


You shut off your pocket phone. You wished Mimi had a pocket phone of her own. Her parents wouldn’t let her have one until she was fourteen. And when she was sixteen, if she had a boyfriend and friends, she had to invite them to go with her with a chapone so they can be safe. Talk about strict.


Your sister Jesse was off for two days from her job at the diner. She was watching some soap-opera that afternoon. Jesse loved soap-operas a lot. You didn’t.

You were in the kitchen polishing up your book, when the phone rang.

“I’ll get it!” Jesse announced, dashing into the kitchen. Your sister took the phone from the receiver and began to talk.

You jumpped like a rabbit when your sister cried.

“Roland Hall, your daugther’s teacher? I used to go out with him. Sure. My little sister and I would love to go to the festival with him and your children. What time shall he pick us up? Seven? Okay, thanks. Goodbye.”

Your sister hung up the phone and danced around the kitchen. You smiled at her as she was dancing. Fate was on your side that day.

To be continued/Stayed tuned

*To turn good.

**Cotton candy. 

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