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Susan Boyle and the week of bliss

Published April 24, 2009 by ladyserenity92

On the news there was a bit of happiness. A woman who was an ugly ducking blossomed into a swan by her singing. Susan Boyle proved to the world that things aren’t as they appeared to be. You just have to look a little deeper into the mirror to find that hidden beauty.
I’ve got a sneak peek of the new Twilight movie ‘New Moon’. I was shocked that actress Kristen Steward (no relation to actor Patrick Stewart) hasn’t read any of the Twilight series. No wonder why the movie Twilight bombed.
I have just finished up the novel The Handmaid’s Tale. The book left me in questions more than answers with its ending. Margret Atwood’s book was a C+ in my opinion. I’m now reading Brad Land’s memior Goat. I know that the book will end in tragedy. I thank you people for reading my post.
Stayed Tuned!

The Hoax DVD easter egg

Published April 22, 2009 by ladyserenity92

On your remote, go to ‘bonus features’.
When you are at ‘bonus features’, go down
to ‘Deleted scenes and click on the left button.
There on the microphone you will see the
‘Replucain elelphant symbol. Click on the
elephant. You will see three buttons on
a tape recorder: Play, Bonus Features,
and Stop. Click on the ‘Play’ button and
you will be treated to a song about Richard
Stayed Tuned!

What’s happening to me today

Published April 20, 2009 by ladyserenity92

I’m in the middle of reading Margret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. I’ve read it once, but haven’t finished it. I’m just now reading it a second time. The book is like a feminine version of George Orwell’s 1984. It’s racy, yet truthful about what’s happening in Saudi Arabia and all over the world to women and to men. Atwood’s book should be read by both men and women.

There is a movie about the novel; I’m not sure if I want to see it. Do you think  Ms. Atwood has seen the movie?

I’m have some sad news to rap to my fans, Such Sweet Sorrow has been put on hold. This is because my laptop has a virus in the hard-drive and won’t be used for awhile. In the meantime, it hasn’t stopped me from writing a new chapter for it. It will be on the page in a few days.

I saw Cowboy Bebop on DVD. I can’t wait to see the live action movie. I don’t know when the movie will be released. Please tell me. Thanks a bunch.

I want to see Boys Before Flowers so bad, that I am going bananas. I don’t care that there will be no more Boys Before Flowers episodes, I’ll still be talking about the show. South Koreans have loads of the show’s reruns! 🙂

Sorry it took me so long to post this. I’ve been very busy lately and my computer was sick; plus, I couldn’t go to the library just for the Internet. Thanks for understanding me. I make a bow of forgiveness.

Stayed Tuned!

My Day (So far!)

Published April 14, 2009 by ladyserenity92

  1. This morning I got up to learn that no one put the strawberries in the fridge.
  2. I haven’t got the chance to finish The Secret Life of Bees.
  3. I”m about to finish Community College.

That’s about it. Oh, my laptop has a virus in it. What a day!

Stayed Tuned!

Such Sweet Sorrow (Chap.4)

Published April 11, 2009 by ladyserenity92

After the hugs, kisses, playful slugs and tussling of the hair, Cousin Ray introduced us to Miss Carla. Miss Carla was Cousin Ray’s housekeeper. Miss Carla had brown mocha hair and sun-kissed skin. She was plump and had a mole on her left cheek. Miss Carla looked at us ans smiled warmly.

“Hello, children,” she replied. Without a second guess, we knew that Miss Carla was Hispanic. But something in her tone told us kids that although we were guest in Cousin Ray’s house, Miss Carla would not tolerate any nonsense in the house. Miss Carla set an example of a mother-figure.

As I looked around the house, I felt something rubbing against my leg. It was summer, so I was wearing a skirot* that showed off my long legs. I looked down and saw a small gray tabby kitten. I bent down and starched its ears. The kitten mewed with glee as I picked it up. Jordan and T.R. wanted to play with the kitten. I handed the kitten over to them.

T.R. was smiling with delight with the kitten in her arms. “Who are you, Cutie Pie?” she asked. “You’re so cute. I wish I could take you home with me. We have a dog with us, she’ll like you.” My sister loved animals. Cousin Ray joined us to play with the kitten.

“I’ve seen Smokie came to greet you.” Cousin Ray said. Cousin Ray petted her and went on, “I’ve got her from the animal shelter yesterday. She’s such a sweetheart, aren’t you girl?”

I’d give my soul to have a kitten just like Smokie. Her smoke-gray fur and her shinny, saphire–blue eyes; Smokie was uber-cute. Potato would kill me if I held her too long. I gave Smokie back to Ray.

“Yo, I need help with these bags!” Daddy called.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take Smokie,” Miss Carla told Cousin Ray. Cousin Ray handed Smokie over to Miss Carla. Leaving Miss Carla and Smokie, we went to help Daddy with the bags.


Cousin Ray showed me upstairs to my bedroom. The room was next to T.R. and Jordan’s room, and under the attic. The house had four bedrooms. On such a short notice, Cousin Ray had to fit four extra people who were staying the month. I was fortunate to get a bedroom of my own.

When Cousin Ray and I were inside, I went over to the bed and sat down. The bed was brass and very soft. It was so soft that I felt sleepy sitting down.

Cousin Ray asked,  “Is everything alright, honey?”

“Why do you always call me ‘honey’ ?” I asked him.

Cousin Ray took a moment to answer my question. He found his answer.

“Ever since I met you, you showed me that you are a sweet and good girl. Every time I see your picture, I’ve always dreamt of having a little girl just like you. That’s why I call you ‘honey’.”

“That makes sense.”

“I’ll be downstairs. Let me know if you need anything.”

“Sure. Thanks.”

After Cousin Ray walked out, I lay back on the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. I thought about what Cousin Ray’s words about calling me ‘honey’. I decided to explore the house. I got up and went out the door. I sunk down the steps and looked around to see if anybody was watching me. When the coast was clear, I went to the kitchen. Miss Carla was making lunch. I went out of the kitchen and headed to the door of the basement.

I looked around to see if anyone was watching me. When no one wasn’t watching, I quietly opened the door and went down the steps. I liked looking around places like basements. I reached the bottom and was surprised at what I saw. Ray had an office. Just like an office, there was a desk with a laptop, a bookshelf filled with books, and two college degrees mounted on the wall.

Something on Cousin Ray’s desk caught my attention. I walked over to the desk and saw a picture of Cousin Ray and me. As I saw the picture, it took me back to the day of Cousin Ray’s visit. I picked up the picture and studied the look on Cousin Ray’s face. Besides not liking to have his picture taken, Cousin Ray doesn’t like to smile when his picture is taken. My cousin was very shy and blushed easily when he’s with women, some men, and children. I saw the reddening glow on his face in the picture. I studied the picture for a few more seconds before placing it back down.

“I’ve always loved that picture of us.” A voice spoke gently behind me.

I turned around and was faced with Cousin Ray. He wasn’t too happy of me down in the basement.

“Hi.” he said.

“Oh, Ray. I didn’t know you was behind me.” I said, acting dumb.

“What are you doing down here?”

Once again, I played innocent. “I was just looking around. Wow, you have a cool office. Is your desk cherry or oak wood. Let me guess, you got it from IKEA? IKEA has a lot of cool stuff.”

Cousin Ray saw through my act and placed his forefinger and thumb to the bridge of his nose. Cousin Ray sighed as he shook his head. Cousin Ray then folded his arms across his chest and got to the point.

“You have no business sneaking around in my office,” he said tersely. “I’ll let it go this time; just don’t do it again. You’re sixteen, you should know better. Let’s go.”

Cousin Ray took me by the hand and escorted me up the steps. Along the way, he leaned over and softly whispered in my ear, “I bet all of the angels are jealous of you, because you are the most beautiful girl on Earth.”

I chuckled as we went out the door. I could not believe that Cousin Ray had just hit on me. It was one of many uncanny things that would happen to me and my family during our stay.


That morning the perdition that I made about Potato would become friends with Smokie had come true. When I brought Potato inside, she saw Smokie and ran to her. I thought that Potato would hurt Smokie when she got to her. But I was stun when Potato got to Smokie and became friends with her. Potato was licking Smokie’s face and playing with her. The stories about cats and dogs being enemies were bull-garbage. Potato and Smokie were friends like an ant and a grasshopper.

They were playing outside in the front yard with T.R. and Jordan as I watched from the sidelines on the porch. A voice echoed in my head with a quote: ‘People come and go. But a friend will never leave your heart.’

It was when a girl with some books walked up to me.

“Welcome to our neighborhood,” she said. “I’m Anna Knight. My brother Vladimir is at work. We’re Mr. Ray’s neighbors.”

The girl was Caucasian with a tan. Her strawberry-blond hair was tried in two braids with green ribbons. She wore a Gothic Lolita-styled dress and black platforms. My friends and I were into the Lolita/Goth-fashion craze. It was the first time that a girl dressed up in the style would walk out in the open and represent herself to me without a second thought on what people thought.

“I want to give you some books as a gift,” the girl said. “Some of them I don’t need and some that I wrote.” As Anna Knight handed me the books, I wanted to know more about her.

I asked her, “How old are you?”

“Fifteen. And you?”


“I see your brother and sister with Mr. Ray’s cat and a dog. Is the dog yours?”

“Yes. Her name’s Potato; the boy and girl playing with the cat and the dog are my brother and sister. My sister’s name is T.R. and my brother’s name is Jordan. I love them, but sometimes they drives me nuts.”

Anna laughed at what I said.

“My brother and I are like that sometimes. We do it because we love each other. My brother and I are like cake and milk. I’m my brother’s only sister and my brother’s my only brother. Both our parents are in the Army in Iraq, so It’s just us now.”

T.R. and Jordan saw Anna. They waved and called ‘hello’ to her. Anna waved back and echoed the greeting. I noticed the smoke coming out the window at her house.

“There’s something on fire at your house,” I told her.

“Holy Yaba Gaba! The casserole! I forgot all about it.”

Anna dashed for her house. I remembered the books she gave me.

“Thank you!” I called.

“I’ll see you later!” Anna called once more.

Without saying goodbye, Anna disappeared into her house.


* A skirt/shorts


To Be Continued/Stayed Tuned 

‘My Friend Mimi’ on hiatus

Published April 11, 2009 by ladyserenity92

As the title of this day’s post is sad to be true, it is. The story My Friend Mimi is going on hiatus. The reason why is because I cannot post two popular stories on my blog. It is hard work and takes hours to finish one story after another. The story My Friend Mimi will be right back as soon as the e-novel Such Sweet Sorrow finishes up. For anyone who was a fan of the novella, I do apologize for leaving you guys hanging.

In the nine months of being a blogist, I have learned that you can’t post everyday and that sometimes you have to take a break once in awhile. Often times you have to scrap a post briefly or permanently. My Friend Mimi won’t be scrapped like the Scrapped Princess (oh, no!); the story is just on hold for now until Such Sweet Sorrow is finished. I just can’t post two popular stories and keep up with the demand, that’s all.

I still haven’t forgotten about Liora and Mimi. In the meantime, why don’t you write some fan-fiction about My Friend Mimi. You could have them go into Mars or whatever. You can post the fan-fiction on my weblog. As long as the stories are G to PG rated and in good taste. No sex, killings (graphic violence), strong profanity, hate or insolent speech or anything objectionable. Any form or plagiarism posted will be deleted.

The best stories of My Friend Mimi that I like will be posted for the world to see. You don’t have to be the best author to post your Mimi stories. Send me your fan-stories!

Rest well, Mimi and Liora. You girls earned your rest.

Stayed Tuned!

Jelly beans

Published April 11, 2009 by ladyserenity92

A wacky poem about a candy that I like.

They come in all colors and shapes and sizes.

Some are big, some are small.

They come in lots of favors, (and maybe someday, lots of smells.)

They’re not the beans on your plate, but you can eat them anytime, anywhere.

They’re jelly beans! The food that spells FUN!!

Forbidden Kiss

Published April 10, 2009 by ladyserenity92

A sensual poem that I wrote in June of 2005.

Take me into your embrace.

Hold me close as your heart beats.

Make me your slave of love and please don’t say ‘no’.

I long to taste your lips of wine.

Prince of the rose.

Lady of the lily.

Instant death;

Broken honor.

I would throw it all away for your forbidden kiss.

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