Narration of love at 14

Published March 26, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This is a teenage love poem that Iwrote back in 2003. As you read this, you may experience your own first love as a teenager. After you finish, post your stories on my blog about your first love. I like to hear all about it. Please keep the love stories PG. Nothing weird or graphic, please! Keep it clean!  Please enjoy my poem.

Tory walked me home from school, holding my hand.

He called me his princess as I blushed.

We are in love with each other.

At last, we arrived at my house.

We closed our eyes and shared true love’s kiss.

I’m soaring like a kite in the sky.

After our kiss, Tory kissed me on the crown of my head.

‘ See you, tomorrow, my princess.’ He said, as he walked away.

I returned with a wave.

I love Tory and he loves me.

I couldn’t be the most happinest girl in middle school.

Stayed Tuned!

Theme song!


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