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Obon: Day of the dead (Reunion)

Published March 21, 2009 by ladyserenity92

12 year old Connie Swain is haunted by the memory of her teacher/cousin Adam, who passed away on Halloween night; the day of her birthday. Lonely and depressed, Connie wished for the day to see her cousin once more.

The week before Halloween, Connie’s cousin returns for a visit. With the reunion, memories flood upon on Adam and Connie’s life. Some happy; others painful. Even on the night of Halloween when Adam took his last breath in his cousin’s arms, they both receive a revelation that transform their lives forever.

A ghost/love story about a love that is stronger than death itself. Obon: Day of the dead (Reunion) takes place in a town called ‘Miracle’s habor’. Connie is befriended by a Lolita-fashion obsessed, cosplay loving black girl named Emma Davis, who can feel the presents of ghost and can see Adam. Emma becomes Connie’s best friend.

A story about loss and love, Obon: Day of the dead (Reunion) is a story that is sure to make you cry from beginning to end.

I hope to finish the novel after I finish up on my other projects.

Stayed Tuned!

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