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Thinking about ‘Boys before Flowers’ and Battle Royale

Published March 14, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Boys before Flowers is a no-holds bar show. I’m going to watch another episode on youtube again. I missed the show so much. I’ve often heard that its a groovy show that’s hot in South Korea. I may be the only Black female that likes things foreign and a xenophile. I just finished up on The Cat Returns. It was wonderful from start to finish.

I love Boys before Flowers. Would some of you ‘Flower people’ (fans of BBF) please link me to any website to the show? I would be grateful. (BTMA) Bowing to my audiences.

The next movie I have rented is Battle Royale. I’ve read the book once. I was in tears as friends and loved ones were dying one by one, and the children had to fend for themselves out in the world alone. In order to see the movie, I’m ‘forced’ to watch the special features about the movie. I always do this time to time in order to not be afraid of the movie. Battle Royale is about the emotions of humans who are pushed to their level of themselves, good or evil.

If I was in a battle to fight my best friends, I wouldn’t do it. I would let them shoot me, because I couldn’t kill them. Jessy, Carlos. All my classmates in the game trying to kill me. No. No. I couldn’t; even if I want to go home as the last winner.

BBF is somewhat of a gem in this age. I’ll be watching.

Stayed Tuned!

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