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The 200th post and Boys before Flowers

Published March 8, 2009 by ladyserenity92

As I near my 200th post and the one year anniversary of, I wonder what kind of post I should post for the 200th post and for the one year anniversary. Will I post a story, a word of advice or something out of the blue about my life. I don’t know since I’m no Aristotle. Only 14 post to go until my 200th post. Keep reading.

Yesterday I visited and watched the Korean drama Boys Before Flowers. I thought it would be boring; but it turned out: I loved the show. The actors are just like the characters from the manga of the same name. I hope that the CW will do a remake of the show very soon. The show is so wonderful. I hope to read the manga and watch more of the show on youtube.

I’m posting this blog outdoors since its in the 70s today. I must say that I am disappointed in myself for staying up late watching anime on Adult Swim. I love anime so much; manga and mangwa, too. I also want to read and watch Fruits Basket. Fruits Basket is like a magical version of Pollyann. There is a stage play of Fruits Basket in Japan right now. I love Fruits Basket so much. Maybe someday Disney/Beunos Vista might remake Fruits Basket as well.

I feel spring coming up next week. A rebirth of life, of hope and of change. Since Doll’s Day in Japan has past and America has Women’s day and Mother’s day, isn’t about time we have a Girl’s day/Doll’s day in America?

I love dolls and the joys of womanhood.

Stayed Tuned!

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