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Satoshi ‘Thomas’ Ando

Published March 5, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Another charterer of mine from the ‘Advetures in Zodiacland’ series has popped into my mind. Satoshi ‘Thomas’ Ando is a 41 year old widower who has a past that is tragic just like his life in the Japanese Yakuza that rules Zodia with an iron hand. At fifteen, he accidentally backed his baby brother with his father’s car and and was disowned. Living with relatives, he is brought to the attention of his uncle, who is a feared yakuza.  Seeing Thomas’s port-wine birthmark on his left snout (he is a Japanese bull) , the uncle ‘forces’ the boy to be in his syndicate.

In years that followed, Thomas has met friends and enemies while in the syndicate. Three of his friends are Yosuke MacFry, Pumpkin Wheeler, and Joanna Parsley. (Parsley is an employee of Mr. Ando’s Toy company.)

Private life

Mr. Ando has often made request that people call him by his Western name, and is easily upset when someone calls him by his Japanese birth name. He has a young sister (Aya ‘Sarah’ Ando’) who is a Catholic nun, a mother who is a fortune teller and a father who is a fish monger. Mr. Ando was married to his wife, Shoko, who was expediting their first child. In the wife’s sixth trimester, she had a sudden stoke that left her in a coma. She died during the c-section process. The child (a boy) died ten days later.

Mr. Ando has a sister-in law (Sabine Sakomoto,42) , a niece ( Chianna ‘Grace’ Sakomoto ( pronounced:Chee-Anna)20), and a nephew (Phillip ‘Daisuke’ Sakomoto, 15) The husband and father (Akira Sakomoto) is deceased.

More information will become avaible in the future. End of report.

Stayed Tuned!

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