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Hi, dad!

Published February 27, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Hi, dad! As you know by reading this post that I am a blogist. Your son and daughter are doing fine and so am I. My says hi! I want you to know that I miss you and I can’t wait to shower you with millions of sugar kisses. Father, do you know that I have a laptop of my own? I know that you are proud of your big girl. See you later, dearest, dad!

your daughter,

JMJ (Lady Serenity)

The difference between a blog and a contest

Published February 23, 2009 by ladyserenity92

The difference between a blog and a contest is that whatever you place on your blog , you win or lose. If it’s a good blog, you’ll win with a legion of fans; if it’s a plain blog that no one is interested in, then you lose your fans.

I’ve learned the hard way when it comes to blogging. I have been a blogist for a year. Out of the 176 post I’ve posted on my blog, I’ve only receive three replies. I try my best to keep going. As I also learned, blogging is not easy at all.

I treat blogging as a contest. Sometimes I have to think about what to write on my blog and hope that the devotees fans of my site will like what I post. My e-novel ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’ was a flop and I had to put it on hiatus, a few people like my first stories but didn’t read the second spin offs of it; and now I may have to axed ‘My Friend Mimi’because no one is interested in a story about two little tween girls who become friends and experience growing up.

I am losing a little, but with some of the post I’m winning. So you can say that I am winning the contest. As I blog this post, I am still learning about the beauty and ugliness of being a blogist. The price of blogging is bittersweet. I just have to taste the bitter from the sweet.

Stayed Tuned!

My friend Mimi (Part one)

Published February 19, 2009 by ladyserenity92

From: the me in 2008

To :the me in 2037

Hello me. How are you? Do you know who the author of the letter you found buried in the ground under the cherry tree is? Your heart must be flutteringas you read this letter. I am you from thirty years ago. When you get this letter and the photograph of the two little girls, you are 40 years old. I hope you won’t forget the two little girls who are smiling and holding hands. You made a pact together that you two would live together in a house with a garden and two dogs.

The reason you two made that promise to each other was that you loved each other like sisters. As you see in the picture, I still believe that in thirty years’ time that you and Mimi are still friends. You loved Mimi Kim because she’s your best friend. In fact, she’s your only friend, and she may be the only friend that you’ll ever have. If you have time to read this letter, dearest me, I’ll tell you how you met her.


It was spring of 2007 when you were home making dinner with your older sister Jesse. You must remember that when you were about seven, your mom and dad decided to get a divorce. Your mom and dad couldn’t be happy living together for different reasons. They tried everything to make their relationship work out.  Sadly, it didn’t work out the way they hoped it would. And so your parents made the decision to get a divorce.

At the courthouse, you got the twist of your life that would make you brown hair curl. Your parents told the Justice of the court to arrange for your sister to take care of you and have custody. Your sister Jesse was hit by the news. You were glad that your parents made the decision. It was that since your dad was going to Canada with his jazz band, and your mom was moving to Israel for good, your parents couldn’t take them with you, so they gave your sister the chance to raise you.

I know that your sister Jesse had raised you up into a young woman. In fact, it was her that helped you meet Mimi.


You were throughwith dinner when your sister got home. Your sister checked the mail on the kitchen counter. It was there that an envelope in the trash can caught her eye. In a quick act, your sister rescued the envelope from the trash, brushed off the crumbs, and brought the envelope with her. As you sat down at the table to eat, your sister  slid the envelope in fornt of you.

“What was this doing in the trash, Mademoiselle?” your sister asked tersely. When your sister used ‘Mademoiselle’, you were in the pits.

It’s just a stupid contest notice.” You lied.

Your sister, like most sisters, can tell when their brother or sister is lying. Your sister unsealed the envelope in front of you.

“Methinks its an invitation to a certain party of a tween witch that you don’t like. Say, Miss Joy Trenton?” Your sister opened the envelope and plucked out the invitation. “Well, what do you know! It is.”

It was an invitation to Joy Trenton’s slumber party. When you were ten, you and Joy Trenton never got along. You never knew why Joy was so cold and mean to you, and why you fought all the time. Have you and Joy reconciled and became friends again thirty years later? And is Mimi with you two having tea and rum cake?

Your sister examined the invitation, reading every line.

You explained, “It’s just a bunch of snobby kids who want to flash and flaunt their rich toys and have an ego contest. I’m going to be the only pauper kid with a cassette/CD player, a second hand Sailor Moon night grown, and a Power Rangers book bag. It’s a set up to trick me. I’m going to be their pawn.”

Your sister looked at you and thought for a moment. That was when she set down her answer.

“I have to work late at the diner on Saturday, and you can’t stay by yourself (too boring). You’ll find a friend at the slumber party. And besides, you need a friend. Why don’t you call Miss Trenton on your pocket phone and tell her that you’ll be coming to her party.”

“I’m not going!” you announced, putting your foot down.

Your sister attacked back with her foot on the floor. “Oh, yes you are.”


At the end you made the call to Joy Trenton. On Saturday you were at the slumber party. When you got there, almost half the girls snub you; even Joy. You thought you would never get along with anybody at the party.

That night  you  watched a movie, eating fried cheese and fried eggplant with the other girls. You were  in the middle of eating, when a voice spoke, “Um, you have some sauce on your face.” You turned your eyes and was faced with a bright-eyed girl that was your age. The girl had cocoa-brown hair and light brown skin. And she wore red Chinese silk pajamas. The girl was kind enough to hand you a napkin.

As you wiped your face, you sneezed right in the napkin. The girl chuckled light-heartily. “Bless you,” she said. Then she asked you what your name was.

“I’m Liora. What’s yours?”

“I’m  Mimi Kim.” You were a little surprised when she told you her name. When Mimi saw the look on your face, she read your mind.

“My daddy’s Koren and my mom’s Black. It’s not too common that two people fall in love and get married. My daddy’s a Catholic with Buddhist relatives and mom’s an atheist. As for me, I’m a Catholic girl  since I’m closer to my daddy.”

You told Mimi that your mom was Jewish and your dad was German—Italian. You explained that when your dad married your mom and brought her home to meet his parents, his parents flipped when they saw your mom and at the news that they got married. Your parents were eighteen. Your dad made the decision to leave home to be with your mom.

Mimi told you her story about her parents. Her dad came from South Korea to attend university in America. It was when he met Mimi’s mom while attending. In the middle of the semester, they fell in love. When Mimi’s mom became pregnant, her dad made the decision to marry the mother of his child. After the wedding, Mimi’s dad called his father about the news.

“You did the right thing, son.” his dad said.

At 20 years old, Mimi’s parents both had to grow up.

Mimi’s parents finished university with high honors. On August 10th, (two months after the graduation) Mimi’s sister Yu was born.

After her story, you and Mimi went back to watching the movie.

That night as everyone was asleep, you and Mimi talked about what was on your minds. You talked about your sister and how she worked at the diner as a waitress. Mimi told you that her dad was C.E.O of a toy company.

“My daddy is a nice man,” Mimi said, “Bows all the time; a little strict most of the time. He said that I remind him of my sister. I don’t remember Yu-Yu that much. She died when I was a baby. My brother Parker doesn’t know our sister. He wasn’t born yet and never got to know her. All we have left of her are her photographs, her memory alter, and an urn with her ashes.”

“Your sister must have been nice, the way you talk about her.” you said. “Jesse is my only sister. If something happened to her, I’d crack up. I wish I could’ve known your sister, Mimi. Mimi?”

By Mimi’s profile, she was asleep. While she slept, you admired her like she was a princess. “Good night, Mimi.” you whispered to her. That night you slept by Mimi’s side, dreaming about Mimi’s sister. The sister that You’ll never know.

To Be Continued/Stayed tuned! 


Going Paperless

Published February 19, 2009 by ladyserenity92

My teacher Mr. Leonard Russ has often told me (like most people) that I should type on the computer more than use paper to write. I do write on paper like most people, but nowadays more and more people are using the computer to write.

People have been writing on paper since paper was invented. After paper was the printing press. And later the typewriter. Now we have computers and pocket phones to ‘write’ out our stories and have our 15 minutes of fame.

Believe me, I am not going paperless anytime soon. Paper is a way to get my mind flowing. A few people (My teacher Ms. Aria Philips) have told me to write on paper, reread, rewrite and type on the computer. It still hold true to this day.

A world without paper is just plain boring. With the price of paper going up, more and more people are switching to computers as a way to save money. I’m having second thoughts on whenever to use paper or my computer.

I always get stuck reading e-mails and goofing off ,and blam! I lost time to write my story and lost the time of my friends and family wanting to read my story. I have decided to not spend so much time fooling around on the Internet and the e-mails and do the stories that I promised people that I  will publish in two months.

But first, I’ve got to think, research, and write on paper. Then when I reread and rewrite (on the computer), then I will get it done. Isn’t time we as people give paper a second chance?

Stayed Tuned!

Tip line

Published February 17, 2009 by ladyserenity92

These quotes are from the movie Little Miss Sunshine.

You know what a loser is? A real loser is somebody that’s so afraid of not winning, they don’t even try. — Edwin Hoover (Grandpa) 

Winners don’t give up. — Richard Hoover

Do what you love and forget the rest. — Author unknown 

A review on ‘New Moon’

Published February 13, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Stephenie Meyer’s novel ‘New Moon’ was a genuine story about Edward and Bella. With Jacob in the mix, this almost makes an excellent gem of a novel. I would liked a little more from the novel.

It was an easy and enjoyable tale that was done in a style of a picture less manga. I think that the book was written by a teenager. The plot works slow-paced and doesn’t solve much. What troubled me was that the action and romance was extremely bland and left me hanging.

What kind of symbolism did Mrs. Meyer hoped to follow with her detail? Has she made it her point by writing this fly by night B-novel? Or has she found her opportunity to cash in on her fairy tale dream of a young girl meeting a vampire that has become her way of escaping?

I do love the book and the possibilities that Mrs. Meyer has, however, I wish Mrs. Meyer would try to generate much more with her pen, imagination, and research than write something that makes an English teacher laugh and cry.

I’ll be gentle and kind, since I liked the book.

My rating: B+

Stayed Tuned!

Saint Serenity (magical girl poem)

Published February 12, 2009 by ladyserenity92

This is a companion to Saint Rose. Enjoy!

I am a girl of eleven who follows the prayer of serenity.

Helping the weak and brokenhearted.

I am a protector and a saint.

For no one knows the real me.

I choose to keep it that way.

My brother is my secret lover when I go undercover.

Stealing a kiss when he sees me.

He is in love with my shield.

For he doesn’t know the real me.

I choose to keep it that way.

The world is in love with my shield.

They think I am another heroe; while others think I am a trouble maker.

I hold my mother’s rosary and wear a Taurus medallion to keep me safe.

For no one knows the real me.

I choose to keep it that way.

I am a Catholic schoolgirl by day, but in my mask I am Saint Serenity.

And I choose to keep it that way.

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