Korean jokes and a school joke

Published January 28, 2009 by ladyserenity92

Disclaimer: These jokes are for entertainment enjoyment only and are not meant to offend any minority groups. Enjoy.

Q: What does comedian Margret Cho listen to when she’s playing her radio?

A: Seoul (Soul) Music

Q: What do Koreans eat for lunch and dinner everyday?

A: Hot dogs*

Q: What’s the name of a  friend that can buy your drinks at a bar?

A: Jin**

School Joke

Sara: Teacher, can I bring my Classical and Jazz CDs to class to play at the Valintine’s  party this Friday?

Teacher: Hell, no. I’ve heard too many Sax and violins in those songs.

Stayed Tuned!

* In some parts of Asia dogs are considered food, especially in Korea. (Sorry, Toto!)

** If you take the ‘J’ out and replace it with a ‘G’ you get the name of an alcoholic drink. ie: Gin

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