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32 People (Poem)

Published November 17, 2008 by ladyserenity92

32 people.

30 were children.

32 people who had hope and dreams, who told their families that they loved them before their went to school.

All that changed forever on that day for the 32 people, when a boy with a gun shot them all down in cold blood.

In the end of it, the boy with the gun died by his own hands.

Now there are 32 fading stars in the sky for the 32 people who perished out that fateful day.

Although the 32 people will never come home again, we must never forget those 32 people who touched the lives of those around them, before their untimely end at the hands of the boy with the gun.

For there are now 32 new angels looking down on the Earth.

(Dedicated to the families and the 32 victims of Virgina Tect.)

Stayed Tuned!

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