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What’s been going on today

Published November 13, 2008 by ladyserenity92

This morning as I was writing my novel Such Sweet Sorrow, a few of my friends asked me how it was going. I replied that my novel was moving along well. Fabiola questioned me when would my novel be finished. I told her that my novel would be finished sometime in December of this year. I hope that my novel will be finished by December 2008.

It’s too late to enter my novel in The National Novel Writers Month Contest, but I don’t mind at all. For one thing, I’m back to working on my hobby. By then after I finished my novel, I’ll be working on my second book. I’ve been so busy, that I have become neglectful of my drawings and story writing. After I’m done with my novel, I’ll take time off (about a month) and working on my drawings.

I always love to draw. I’m not in the hobby of writing and drawing pictures; I’m in the hobby because I want to escape and have some time to myself. I don’t care that I won’t be rich, I only care that I love doing two hobbies that I love. Nowadays, people just dismiss art and literature as a silly form of life. It’s because no one understands the artist them self.

John Lennon was an artist. Tupac was an artist. Even the women of CLAMP are artist. And I’m an artist, too. Take time to appreciate the art that’s around you. You may never know what you’re missing.

Stayed Tuned!

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