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More Vampire Jokes!

Published November 12, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I know that you love Twilight, so here are more ‘vampire jokes’! Enjoy! 😀

Q: What greeting does a vampire child say when they have friends over for sleepover?

A: Hello, children of the night.

Q: What was the first thing Edward asked Bella when they first met?

A: What’s your blood type? *

* In Japan, it is common for people to ask you what you blood type is.

**Q: What is Count Dracula’s favorite time of the year?

A: The fright before Christmas.

**Q: If Frosty the snowman married a vampire, what would they name their child?

A: Frostbite.

**Source–101 Holiday Jokes

I hope you love the vampire jokes! Stayed Tuned!

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