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A book review on ‘The Icarus Girl’

Published November 30, 2008 by ladyserenity92

The Icarus Girl is a story about 8-year old Jess Harrison. The only child of a Nigerian-born author mother and a white English father, Jess has encounter with her twin, a doppelganger named Tilly-Tilly. The novel is written by English-Nigerian author Helen Oyeyemi. It is a dark tale of good and evil, magic, ghost, cultures; parent and child relationships and the human psyche.

The novel is slow-paced, but much of a good read if you love the stories of the Grimm Brothers and stories about ghost and the supernatural. The story has a little slant about Jess’s growning up when she has a final battle  with Tilly-Tilly. When you read The Icarus Girl, you’ll be moved by Jess and a potpourri of Characters that are in the novel. I was a bit disappointed that the novel’s ending left me hanging.

Although a near-miss by first-shot author Helen Oyeyemi, this is one book that you can’t afford to overlook.

My Rating: B+

Stayed Tuned!

Gut-busting jokes

Published November 29, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Q: Why did E.T. and ALF go to the movie theaters on Earth together?

A: Because they wanted to see the stars.

Q: How does a farmer mend his plants?*

A: With a cabbage patch.

Q: When is a boxer like an astronomer?*

A: When they see stars.

* Source: Laffy Taffy

Stayed Tuned and Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas!

About Ladyserenity

Published November 28, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Some of you would like to know who Lady Serenity is posting blogs on her page. I would like to give out my identity, but it’s too early to tell you about myself. I once read a story about an author who hanged herself after she revealed her real name and lost many of her readers. I’m not scared about losing many fans, I just think it’s much too soon to give out my real identity. 

For now, I’ll let you imagine who I am.

Stayed tuned and Happy Christmas and Merry Holidays!

A short break

Published November 25, 2008 by ladyserenity92

With the Thanksgiving Holiday tomorrow and three days off of school, plus the weekend, I’m taking a break to be with my family and to rest. You guys may see a few post on my blog, but don’t worry. Since I’m not near a computer for the holidays, I’m much busy writing and reading new things. I haven’t become a nun or anything.

I’ll be back soon, in the meantime, enjoy the Thanksgiving break with your family and friends. It may be the last one that you or they may ever have.

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Stayed Tuned!

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