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Autumn is here!

Published September 22, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Autumn is here. It is a time for the rain of leaves and a time of eating treats. It also means that I will be focusing on my writing of Autumn themes. I want to start focusing on the works of my novel. I’m thinking about turning some of my short stories into novels. Mark Twain once said that you can get more fans from writing novels that you can with writing short stories.

There is no answer for writing a novel. You have to figure how to write one yourself. Just write for you. And to heck with censorship. Don’t let that word be in your vocabulary. Judy Blume doesn’t used that word when she’s writing. Let’s all ban censorship to the graveyard! Let’s have a banned book club for once! I’ll think about making a list of banned books that should be read. I know three great books that face banning:

Memoirs of a Geisha–Arthur Golden

Kafka on the shore– Haruki Murakami

Drowning Anna– Sue Mayfield

These wonderful books face the bond fire if we don’t do something about it. This is banned book week. We have a freedom to read. Use that freedom today to read these and other controversial books. Read today!

Stay tuned!

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