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Farewell, Mr. Newman

Published September 29, 2008 by ladyserenity92

It is with a heavy heart to start my post off with a passing. As you know over the weekend that actor Paul Newman went home with God. He was 83. Paul was one of the cool guys with an air of rareness that other actors tried to copy. When I hear the song Cool like that, it reminds me of Mr. Newman. What I won’t forget about Mr. Newman is his memorable role on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid.

Paul was very giving to many causes. He always put others before himself. What’s so sad is that I never got a Chance to see him and thank him for what he’s done. I also feel guilty that when he was at death’s door, I made a bet that he would pass away this year. I swear that I’ll give the money that I won to one of his charities (if they accept Pay-Pal.)

Thank you, Paul! For everything! We’ll miss you deeply!

Paul Newman–1923-2008

Stay tuned!

I’ve got ‘Love Mode’ on my mind

Published September 27, 2008 by ladyserenity92

There is a manga that keeps popping up in my mind. You guess by the blog entry that it’s Love Mode. Love Mode is a controversial manga about sexual awakening through the eyes of Japanese men. It has gaphic love scenes and its sexy. So sexy that after you read it you’ll be wanting to take a shower like Izumi.

I read only a little of Love Mode, I’m still thinking about reading all eleven volumes; after I finish reading my other books.

Stayed tuned!


Do you think they’ll ever be a live action version of Love Mode on H.B.O. someday? It might happen, but I doubt it! 🙂

It’s raining today

Published September 26, 2008 by ladyserenity92

It’s raining today on Friday.

I should be home in bed resting, or writing.

I should be at home reading and watching a movie.

I should be drawing and spending time with my family.

I should be home listening to my music.

I should be home.

But instead, I’m in school. Making up for the classes I have missed due to the blackout.

But I look forward to Saturday.

Then I can do the things I want to do.

Next week is the last school week.

I can hold out.


Stay tuned!

Why don’t people have more ‘deaf shows’?

Published September 25, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I have a few deaf friends in my life that love television shows from time to time. I try to fit a little time to learn sign language to talk with them. I don’t watch much TV, but the only deaf show that is on right now is Mr. Wonder’s Workshop. As I was dreaming, I had a dream that the soap opera ‘Voices Carry’ was on. The show was played by both hearing and deaf people. As I watched the show, I realized that deaf people are the same as hearing people.

Not since Children of a lesser god that the world needs more of ‘voiceless’ shows than ever. TV sucks now than ever. With people being kept away by gatekeepers, we are forced to go on the cyber realm to find that audience that will support us. I don’t know if I’ll ever make a ‘voiceless’ opera like ‘Voices Carry’, but what I do know is that TV has shunned out the deaf world.

Stay Tuned!

Clay is gay

Published September 24, 2008 by ladyserenity92

After many years of denying the rumors and gossip, former America Idol runner-up Clay Akin has come out to the world that he is in fact gay. It was just the pressure that got to him. I do like Clay’s music just like I love Sir Elton John’s, but just because Clay Akin has told the world about his homosexually, doesn’t mean that I will stop playing his music.

In a world where the best people are overlooked because they don’t fit the eye of the media, we judge people by the flaws, not their talent. Who gives a dime that Clay Akin is gay or that Toni Morrision is Black and writes smut. So what! We shouldn’t judge people on their race, sex, or ect. They have a gift to share. Give Clay a break, please?

Stay tuned!

If I were given a movie pass

Published September 23, 2008 by ladyserenity92

If I were given a movie pass, I’ll take a day off from school and watch Twilight with a bucket of popcorn and muddy buddies. And I’ll have a cherry cola to fill me up while I watch Bella and Edward share their embrace. However, I don’t have the money. I’ll see what I can do to get by. Maybe I can go to and save up my points to cash it all on a movie gift card.

Stay Tuned!

Autumn is here!

Published September 22, 2008 by ladyserenity92

Autumn is here. It is a time for the rain of leaves and a time of eating treats. It also means that I will be focusing on my writing of Autumn themes. I want to start focusing on the works of my novel. I’m thinking about turning some of my short stories into novels. Mark Twain once said that you can get more fans from writing novels that you can with writing short stories.

There is no answer for writing a novel. You have to figure how to write one yourself. Just write for you. And to heck with censorship. Don’t let that word be in your vocabulary. Judy Blume doesn’t used that word when she’s writing. Let’s all ban censorship to the graveyard! Let’s have a banned book club for once! I’ll think about making a list of banned books that should be read. I know three great books that face banning:

Memoirs of a Geisha–Arthur Golden

Kafka on the shore– Haruki Murakami

Drowning Anna– Sue Mayfield

These wonderful books face the bond fire if we don’t do something about it. This is banned book week. We have a freedom to read. Use that freedom today to read these and other controversial books. Read today!

Stay tuned!

I hate my home life!

Published September 19, 2008 by ladyserenity92

I hate my home life! It feels like hell. I want to do the things I want to do. I feel trapped with no way out. I’m dying! Who can I turn to but God! I need to get out! I hate my mom and my family. I sometimes feel that way because we’re poor. I’m 25 years old and feel like snuffing out my life. I still live with my mom and it’s choking me! I feel like choking people and hurting them.

No wonder why I envy so many people because they are free and have a life and a home and billions of money. I have nothing but my blessings. Even that gets taken away by my family. I hate my life!

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