Published July 20, 2008 by ladyserenity92

A: Morning, ‘Bro!

B: Morning, Dragon Breath! I see that you’re getting psyched up for Mr. Chase’s math class. (1)

A: As always. You shave?

B: Yep. I’ve been shaving since I was fourteen. It’s been a year now. I’m fifteen and still at it. In fact, you remember that I once had long hair and a beard back in sandwich school. (2)

A: Well, that’s nice.

B: If mom haven’t made me cut my hair and shaved my beard, I’d be one handsome dude ruling the high school. I’d be a sex god. (3)

A: If you’re always shaving your face, why don’t you shave your pubic hairs while you’re at it.

B: Get the hell out of here, Lisa! (4)

A: Geez, can’t you take a harmless joke?

* This is another piece from the Adventures in Zodiacland piece.

(1) Mr. Chase is one of the characters from the book.

(2) Middle school or Jr. high (doesn’t matter.) 🙂

(3) A sex god is a cute guy. (Remember the Georgeia books?)

(4) Another Adventures in Zodaicland character.


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