Candy Bar*

Published July 18, 2008 by ladyserenity92

A: Hey, Chicken Curry!

B: Dale, did you take my chocolate bar?

A: Um, what chocolate bar?

B: Don’t lie. You know the chocolate bar that was on my desk in my study.(1)

A: You mean a chocolate sweet bar with a raspberry nougat, cookie center covered in triple chocolate layers? The one that came from England? The one in a purple wrapper that you need to help with your blood sugar?(2)

B: You ate me candy bar! You little theft.

A: I’m sure its in a safe place.

B: I’ll kill you, you little—

A: Un, uh! Remember, love your neighbors!

B: Damn! Sometimes I wish I had followed my dad and become a doctor instead of a reverend.

A: And a Happy Christmas to you too, Chicken Curry!(3)

*This is the hint that I am working on Adventures in Zodiaclandby using two of the many characters from the series.

(1) The Reverend means ‘office’. He’s Anglo (English), but he and his descendants don’t live in England.

(2) The boy is taunting him by using the word ‘sweet’ in place of candy. Candy is called a ‘sweet’ in England. The candy was an import from our world and was somehow brought into theirs. The boy knows that the reverend is a diabetic. He and the reverend don’t get along.

(3) A dialog slant that is always said by the English (UK) on Christmastime. Many (but not all) of the English love Christmas.


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